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Popular boy names in Mexico

#Name Meaning
1 Andrikmanlike, manly, brave
2 IsaiMasculinity
3 Evanthe archer
4 Jasielthe strength of god
5 CarlosFree
6 AlejandroDefender
7 HazielVariant of Chazaiah: God sees.
8 DerianLuxury good
9 GeovanniYahweh is gracious
10 EdelNoble; brave.
11 DonovanBrown-haired chieftain. From an Irish surname meaning dark brown.
12 DanielGod is my judge
13 EduardoVariant of Edward: Wealthy guardian. From the Old English name Eadweard, meaning rich or happy, and guardian. Famous bearer: King Edward the Elder, son of Alfred the Great; Edward VIII, who abdicated in 1936 to be with the divorced woman he loved.
14 Irán
15 Luisglorious war hero
16 YoshioCourageous individual
17 DavidDavid is a both used as a male given name and a surname, and is mostly a given name in English and French Hebrew origin. The name was derived from the Hebrew name "Dawid", which means "Darling" or "Beloved". David is often shortened to "Dave/Davey/Davie/Davy". David was the second and greatest of the kings of Israel in the 10th century BC.
18 Jorgefarmer or husbandman
19 Dorlan
20 KalebDedication
21 Ithan
22 FernandoA variant of Ferdinand, meaning adverturer.
23 Demiantame, tame
24 Diegohe heel grip
25 Isael
26 Jeshuaa savior, a liberator
27 AngelAngel
28 JarethBled of Jar or Jer and Gareth.
29 AndrosBrave, heroic, M
30 HectorHolding
31 JuanYahweh is gracious
32 IvanYahweh is gracious
33 OmarLife
34 EsliA name from the genealogy of Christ in Luke 3.25, probably the same as in Azalja 2 Chron. 34.8: "Yahweh has protected 'protected' God '.
35 Ricardostrong, brave
36 VictorVictor
37 JovanGod is with us
38 GrecoFrom The Country Of Greece
39 AntonioThe invaluable
40 BrandonDerived from a surname and place name based on the Old English for 'hill covered with broom'. Broom is a prolific weed. Also, 'From the beacon hill'.
41 SergioServant
42 Shameddestroying wearing out
43 DominicVariant of Dominick: Lord.
44 AbisaiMy father is a gift
45 ManuelGod is with us
46 Denilson
47 YadielBeloved Friend
48 FranciscoA Frenchman
49 Jesus
50 DilanBorn near the sea.
51 OscarDivine spear; God's spear. Famous Bearer: poet Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), who was put on trial and imprisoned for homosexuality.
52 NeriThe name is from the same source as Nereus, however, already in the 14e/15e century in Den Bosch: Nerina. Variations: Nerine
53 Alanrock
54 ErickComplete ruler
55 Jeremywith a holy name
56 RobertoRoberto is the Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish form is Robert. Robert is a Germanic name, from Old High German Hrodebert which means "bright with glory". Hruod meangs "fame, glory". Berht means "bright".
57 ArturoNoble; courageous.
58 YaredEnvoy
59 GerardoStrength
60 JoseVariant of Josepha. Feminine form of Joseph. May Jehovah give increase.
61 EdgarFortunate and powerful. From the Old English name Eadgar, a compound of 'ead' meaning rich or happy, and 'gar' meaning spear. Famous bearer: 10th-century king Edgar of England; American author Edgar Allen Poe.
62 AxelMy Father Is Peace
63 AldrichAged and wise ruler.
64 PabloKlein;
65 AlfredoEleven
66 AdrianFrom the Latin Hadrianus meaning of Adria or of the Adriatic sea region. Pope Adrian IV was a 12 century British Pope who became popular in the 1980s when Sue Townsend published 'The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole'.
67 MarioWarring.
68 MiguelHebrew for "Who is like God"
69 EmmanuelGod with us. Also an Old Testament name for the Messiah.
70 Juan Carlos
71 HansYahweh is gracious
72 Randywolf
73 Albertobeautifully by noble behavior
74 JovaniGod is with us
75 Karelmeans the same as guy
76 AlexisHelper; defender. Variant of Alexander.
77 Jezielsprinkling of the lord
78 YusselMay the Lord add
79 Mizraimtribulations
80 GiovannyGod is with us
81 Javiernew home
82 EitanVariant of Ethan: Steady.
83 Esly
84 YerikAppointed by God.
85 Raulwolf
86 Edwinrich friend
87 CristoferWith Christ inside.
88 JonathanGift from God
89 DylanSon of the wave, born near the sea, influence. Famous bearers: Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, American folk singer Bob Dylan.
90 GiovanniYahweh is gracious
91 EliuHe is my God
92 Paulsmall or modest
93 RubenBehold a son.
94 KevinKevin is a male name of Gealic/Irish origin. On of the earliest people who carried the name was Saint Kevin, although it is not a biblical name.Kevin in Irish is: Caoimhghín. Caoimhghín comes from the Irish caomh which means: "kind, honest, handsome".
95 ArmandoArmy man. Variant of Herman.
96 Diaval
97 JosephMay the Lord add
98 AzielFlower
99 ChristopherChristopher is an English given name for men. It changed from a Greek name "Christophoros", which means "bearing Christ" or "Christ-bearer". It is a combination of 2 Greek words: Christos (Christ) and phero (to bear, to carry).
100 Daen
101 Hebertgorgeous, shiny, radiant
102 Jaazielthe strength of the lord
103 RamonVariant of Raymond: Counsel; mighty protection; guards wisely.
104 CesarThick Head Of Hair
105 OneyUnknown
106 RafaelGod has healed.
107 Leonardolion, hard
108 KristoffChrist carrier
109 EnriqueVariant of Enrico: Head of the household.
110 Jahazielseeing god
111 ElioenaiI Look To God
112 Abrahamfather of many nations
113 AdemirNoble protector
114 Alamworld universe
115 OsminGodly protection.
116 SaulAsked for; inquired of God. The first king of Israel was named Saul, and the Hebrew name of the Apostle Paul.
117 Christiananointed
118 EdrianOne from the city of Adria
119 AzarelVariant of Azarael: God helps.
120 Andresmanlike, manly, brave
121 SebastianMasculinity
122 JohariFrom the Kiswahili origin, meaning "jewel."
123 Samuelthe heard by God
124 AlexeiWarrior protector
125 UlisesWalker
126 EliotVariant of Elliot: God on high; my God is Jehovah. From a surname derived from a medieval abbreviation of the Greek Elias. Variant of Elijah.
127 MassimoThe
128 KenjiIntelligent second son; strong and vigorous.
129 AlekDefend
130 Marcoson of Mars
131 IrvinVariant of Ervin: Beautiful.
132 AidenLittle Fire
133 Erikruler of the Law
134 Adalsweet or noble
135 EithanEndurance, strength
136 AndrewManly; brave. In the Bible the first of the twelve apostles chosen was Andrew. The name comes from the Greek word andros, which means "strong, manly and courageous." Andrew is patron saint of Scotland and Russia. See also Jedrick and Kendrick.
137 Wilbertruler of the army
138 IsraelOvernight trip
139 GabrielMan of God. God's able-bodied one. Famous bearer: The archangel Gabriel, who appears several times in the Bible.
140 EtienneCrown. French form of Stephen.
141 ArianOriginating from Adria (Venice) dull black, dark
142 HerveyVariant of Harvey: From Celtic words for battle, strong, worthy, and ardent. Used commonly during the middle ages.
143 GustavoStaff Of The Goths
144 Adadstorm and flood god
145 Dassaev
146 Andrick
147 JoshuaYahweh is salvation
148 AnthonyAnthony(or Antony) is a given name for men. It originates from a Roman family name 'Antonius'. Its full name is Marcus Antonius means Mark Antony in English. The name appears in many countries in different forms like Antoine in French, Antonio in Spanish and Italian, António or Antônio in Portuguese, Anton in Russian, etc. Anthony means "flower", which came from a Greek word "anthos".
149 RaymundoKing
150 JehuJehovah is He. The biblical military commander of Israel (later king) who was noted for pell-mell style of chariot driving.

Popular girl names in Mexico

#Name Meaning
1 Karely
2 AdileneNoble
3 Arelithe light or vision of god
4 LizbethGod has sworn
5 LitzyJoy
6 YareliUncertain, perhaps water lady
7 LizetteDedicated to god
8 LarissaCheerful
9 StephanyCrowned
10 DevanyDark-haired.
11 Mitzishapely, clean
12 Kendrason
13 Karenthe ever pure, pure
14 YoselinLittle Goth
15 SherlynBeloved, Beautiful
16 Idaniahardworking, prosperous
17 Melanyblack, dark in color
18 Miroslavapeace
19 KarlaFeminine variant of Charles meaning manly.
20 Fernandashapely, clean
21 ElizabethGod has sworn
22 AlineFair, good-looking. Feminine of Allen or variant of Helen.
23 Madaia measure judging a garment
24 MagalyA Pearl
25 PauletteSmall
26 KimberlyForest meadow Cyneburg
27 SamanthaListen; name of God.
28 Brendasword
29 JovanaFeminine of Jovian derived from Jove who was the Roman mythological Jupiter and father of the sky.
30 Irán
31 LizethGod Is My Oath
32 DanielaGod is my judge
33 YaredEnvoy
34 KassandraShe Who Entangles Men
35 Andreamanlike, manly, brave
36 NellyDiminutive of Ellen or Eleanor: A variant of the Greek Helen, meaning shining light, or most beautiful woman.
37 Mariamshapely clean
38 MarlaNoble (nobility)
39 Zeltzin
40 ItzelRainbow
41 EmelyRival;
42 Yoali
43 NallelyHeaven `s calm
44 LeilaniHeavenly
45 AlejandraDefender
46 DianaFrom the Greek goddess of the moon.
47 PaolaKlein;
48 Evelinshapely, clean
49 ValeriaOn
50 ArletteDerived from a feminine diminutive of Charles, meaning manly. A medieval given name.
51 Hillarycheerful
52 EvelynFrom a surname derived from the Old French 'aveline' meaning hazelnut. Famous bearer: Evelyn Waugh.
53 Darinka
54 Teresawoman working at harvest
55 SarahiMy Princess
56 Marianashapely clean
57 YahairaStrength, teaching god
58 ArelyPromise
59 Tabathasweet and gentle
60 AileenPleasant, Beautiful, The shining
61 DaphneVictory.
62 Esly
63 Brittanycountry
64 JessicaRich. God beholds. The daughter of Shylock in Shakespeare's play 'The Merchant of Venice'.
65 Sahian
66 VanessaButterfly.
67 YulianaYouthful, Downy
68 Marinette
69 MishelLight.
70 LilibethLily
71 MichelleHebrew for "Who is like God"
72 AnaGrace; favor. Variant of Anna. Often used in blended names like Analee and Anarosa.
73 YuridiaInvented Name
74 IlseGod has sworn
75 LilianVariant of Lillian derived from the flower name Lily. Symbol of innocence; purity; beauty.
76 KarinaClean / pure
77 HiromiUniversal
78 ArlethFree man
79 YurikoLily child, or village of birth.
80 AlinFair
81 EsliA name from the genealogy of Christ in Luke 3.25, probably the same as in Azalja 2 Chron. 34.8: "Yahweh has protected 'protected' God '.
82 SuzetteLily. Variant of Hebrew Susannah. In the apocryphal Book of Tobit Susannah courageously defended herself against wrongful accusation. White lilies grew in the Biblical city of Susa in Persia.
83 KamilaPerfect
84 AriannaForm of the Greek Ariadne, meaning very holy.
85 Clarissabright, shiny, glossy
86 MaritzaSea Of Bitterness
87 LauraThe laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory. Old name with many variants.
88 Eimy
89 Hannia
90 HannyGod is gracious
91 AleydisOf Noble Kin
92 Geraldinespear
93 RachelEwe. Rachel was the second and favoured wife of Jacob in the Old Testament.
94 DianeWest-Brabant name
95 GabrielaGod is with us
96 AislinnVariant of Aisling or Ashling: Dream or vision.
97 Claudialame
98 Mitzelshapely clean
99 IridianRelated to the eye
100 SinaiFrom the clay desert.
101 Sibelvictory, victory
102 LinetteVariant of ancient Welsh given name Eluned: From 'cilun' meaning idol.
103 Debanhi
104 Erikaruler of the Law
105 Saidy
106 VaniaGod's gift.
107 AlondraDefender
108 AnelWind / God of the wind
109 KeilaCitadel
110 Carolinameans the same as guy
111 NayeliI Love You
112 DeysiDay's eye. A flower name.
113 XimenaListen
114 SandyProtector
115 ZuleykaPeace, heavenly
116 MayumiTrue bow (as used for archery).
117 WendyLiterary; a created name that first appeared in James Banie's Peter Pan. The name is believed to come from the Welsh name Gwendydd (Gwendith).
118 ElianaThe
119 Yaritzawater
120 JulissaPeople of Julus
121 Azaliagod has spared
122 PaulinaKlein;
123 CinthyaFrom Kynthos
124 Jacquelinehe heel grip
125 Yomira
126 MayraVariant of Maire, a Gaelic form of Mary: bitter.
127 AnayLook up to God
128 Marisolshapely, clean
129 SandraUnheeded prophetess. A diminutive of Casirnir, Cassandra, or Catherine. In Homer's 'The Iliad' Cassandra's prediction of the fall of Troy was unheeded. Also used as an independent name. Also a feminine of Alexander (defender of man).
130 MiriamRebellious. In the Old Testament, Miriam was the sister of Moses and Aaron.
131 GuadalupeNamed for the Virgin Mary.
132 AbigailThe father rejoices
133 IsamarMaybe an elision of Isabel del Mar
134 JanaiYahweh is gracious
135 Melanieblack, dark in color
136 TaniaN / A
137 AlexaHelper, defender. variant of Alexander.
138 MelissaBee
139 SofiaWisdom
140 GiselleThe French form of the German Gisela, meaning pledge.
141 NancyGrace of God
142 LeslieScottish surname and place name. From Leslie.
143 HannaGrace of God
144 DaylinRhyming variant of Waylon - a historical blacksmith with supernatural powers.
145 CeciliaGhost
146 DaenaFrom Denmark. Also a variant of Daniel.
147 LizetGod has sworn
148 JaileneBeautiful Bird
149 DulceSweet
150 LinnetVariant of ancient Welsh given name Eluned: From 'cilun' meaning idol.

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