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Chrysogonus (Given name)

Chrysogonus is a name for boys. On our website 24 people with the name Chrysogonus rated their name with 5 stars(out of 5). So they seem very satisfied! Unfortunately the name is often written wrong. In our language some people struggle with the pronunciation of the name. In other countries people can pronounce the name just fine, though expect weird reactions. A nickname for Chrysogonus is "Chrys".
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Meaning of Chrysogonus

The meaning of Chrysogonus is: "Born Greek 'gold', said of the Iranians. Name of a saint from the fourth century, St. Anastasia adviser. Found in Rotterdam.".


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Suitable names

Suitable names for a brother of Chrysogonus are: Zachary, Onyedikachi, Chigozirim, Kutume, Mduduzi. Suitable names for a sister of Chrysogonus are: Anastasia, Matabudi, Ntinti, Theresa, Thecler. View more suitable names.


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Chrysogonus 29 years old   20-07-2012
In pronunciation, it's cool with it's abbreviation "Chrys". People find it a battle to pronounce it fully. "Chrys", sounds like the name of a wizard.. :-D
Petar Grisogono 75 years old   8-06-2014
The family name is abt. 2400 yrs. old, the meaning is 'golden lineage' or 'golden tribe'. Chrysogonus is a Latin form of the original Greek name Χρυσόγονος. They moved into ancient Rome and then to the Adriatic coast of Croatia where most of them now live, over the centuries the family name changed into 'Grisogono'.
Chrysogonus 40 years old   23-08-2014
So unique.not so common.I go by the short form of it,"chrys" Some people mistakenly spell it the other way "chris" and get confused when i correct them.
Chrysogonus 44 years old   28-03-2016
Unique name. Not common
Chrysogonus 23 years old   19-09-2016
Really unique and uncommon name. Appreciated it more when I learned the meaning. I mean how many people have 'Golden births'
Chrysogonus 25 years old   1-01-2017
This is such an uncommon name
It means gold
Christogonus   27-05-2017
I have known the correct spelling of my name. I used to spell it Christogonus. The good thing of all is that I have known the meaning of my name after over 40 years
Chrysogonus 33 years old   22-10-2018
I love the name.
Christogonus 23 years old   26-12-2018
It's a cool, unique, amazing and uncommon name,, l love the name and I have known the awesome meaning,,I used to spell it wrong as Christogonus now I know it's Chrysogonus
Christogonus 38 years old   7-01-2019
Thank God I have come to know the meaning of my name after 36 years. i love it.
Chrysogonus 24 years old   8-01-2019
What a name, l love it even b4 l know the meaning. Am happy
Chrysogonus 23 years old   30-01-2019
Christogonus 26 years old   13-11-2019
Lol, I spelt it wrong all my life but I will continue with this spelling. Cool name though, I love it
Christogonus 22 years old   28-04-2020
Thank God
Christogonus 22 years old   28-04-2020
Thank God
Christogonus 18 years old   16-09-2020
God is great "Gold"
Chrysogonus 31 years old   17-11-2020
Love it when my name is announced during Eucharistic prayer in Christmas season.

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