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Boy names beginning with C

#Name Meaning
1 ChristopherChristopher is an English given name for men. It changed from a Greek name "Christophoros", which means "bearing Christ" or "Christ-bearer". It is a combination of 2 Greek words: Christos (Christ) and phero (to bear, to carry).
2 Charlesa non-noble freeman
3 CarlosFree
4 CraigDwells at the crag. From the Celtic word meaning rock or crag.
5 ChrysogonusBorn Greek 'gold', said of the Iranians. Name of a saint from the fourth century, St. Anastasia adviser. Found in Rotterdam.
6 CameronDerives from a Scottish surname; from the Gaelic meaning crooked or bent nose. A common first name in Scotland, and in 2Oth century Canadian and Australian families of Scottish descent.
7 Christiananointed
8 Carlmeans the same as guy
9 ColinA variant of Nicholas, which means 'people's victory', from a French diminutive.
10 ColeDiminutive of Colin: Of a triumphant people; young boy.
11 Chrisanointed
12 CurtisFrom a surname derived from the Old French 'curteis' meaning courteous..
13 CoryFrom the round hill.
14 CedricCedric was a character in Sir Walter Scott's 1819 novel Ivanhoe. Possibly derived from a misspelling of Cerdic, a 6th-century king of Wessex, or from the Welsh Cedrych, meaning bounty-pattern.
15 CesarThick Head Of Hair
16 CallumPigeon
17 Coreyvirgin
18 CaryStream. Cary became a popular masculine first name in mid-2Oth century because of actor Cary Grant, whose real name was Archibald Leach.
19 CalebMeaning dog, or bold. Famous bearer: Caleb was one of twelve Islaelite leaders sent by Moses to explore the Promised Land.
20 CarterCart driver, cart maker. A surname sometimes used as a first name.
21 Carloa non-noble freeman
22 ChaseHuntsman.
23 ChilesheTrust Worthy
24 Caspertreasurer
25 CodyDescendant
26 Chanudh
27 ClaudeFrom the Roman clan name Claudius, derived from the latin meaning lame. F: Claudette, Claudia, Claudine.
28 CampbellDerived from a Scottish surname based on the Gaelic meaning crooked mouth. Campbell is used occasionally as a first name in Scotland, and in families of Scottish descent in other parts of the world.
29 ClarenceFrom the surname and place name Clare, meaning bright or clear. Famous bearers: George, Duke of Clarence, brother of King Edward IV and King Richard III, who is traditionally believed to have drowned in Malmsey wine.
30 CliftonSettlement on a cliff. From an Old English surname and place name, used only occasionally as a first name.
31 Charliea non-noble freeman
32 ConnorStrong willed or wise 'Hound-lover.' Also from the Irish 'Coachuhhar', meaning high desire. Famous bearers: In Irish mythology Connor was an early king of Ulster.; 20th century Irish diplomat Conor Cruise O'Brien.
33 Chadhappy
34 Cecilimpaired
35 ColbyOne who has dark hair.
36 CooperA barrel maker.
37 ClydeFrom the name of Scottish Clyde river.
38 Cagneynot available
39 CiaranBlack-haired.
40 ColtonCola's town or dark settlement
41 ClevelandFrom the cliff land.
42 CesareHead of hair
43 ConorLover
44 CoachuhharHigh desire.
45 ChaimaChaima is a name used for both boys and girls, but mostly for girls. It is originally a French name, and is very rare. Only about 0.001% of the population in the world is named Chaima. It means "With a beauty spot".
46 CurtDiminutive of Curtis: From a surname derived from the Old French 'curteis' meaning courteous. Also, from the court.
47 ChinonsoGod is near
48 CarlinDude, man, man free
49 CliveCliff. Lives at the cliffs. From an English surname and place name. Famous bearer 18th century British soldier and statesman Robert Clive was known as 'Clive of India'.Lives at the cliffs.
50 ClintonSettlement on a hill, or from the headland estate. From an Old English surname and place name.
51 Chris Goebel
52 CelsoElevated
53 Catalinaclean or pure
54 CindyDimunitive of Cynthia, Lucinda, and Cinderella.
55 ClaytonDerived from a surname and place name, based on the Old English 'claeg' meaning clay and 'tun' meaning settlement. Also, mortal.
56 CatalinPure
57 CiskeA Frenchman
58 CyrilMaster; lord.
59 CorThe horned
60 CulumPigeon
61 Castiel
62 CiprianFrom Cyprus
63 CavanGood-looking; handsome; from Cavan.
64 ChristofVariant of Christopher: He who holds Christ in his heart. Famous Bearers: actors Christopher Plummer and Christopher Walken; explorer Christopher Columbus.
65 ChristoFollower
66 CaspertTreasurer, Royal
67 CrisAnointed, bearer of Christ
68 CosminOrder
69 Clément
70 ChanceFortune; a gamble. Variant of Chauncey.
71 ChéGod will increase; God will add. Abbreviation of Jose; Latin-American revolutionary Che Guevara.
72 CristianoOne who follows Christ
73 CarrollMan. Famous Bearer: late television actor Carroll O'Connor.
74 Cadeyrnbattle royal
75 CosmasOrder
76 Cyro
77 Chaliq
78 ConradExperienced in counseling
79 Cuțaru
80 CemoneListen
81 CareyAbbreviation of Carol and Caroline from the masculine Charles meaning manly.
82 ChristophVariant of Christopher: He who holds Christ in his heart. Famous Bearers: actors Christopher Plummer and Christopher Walken; explorer Christopher Columbus.
83 CorbinA
84 CordellA rope maker; cordmaker.
85 CotyVariant of Cody: Cushion; helpful.
86 Caspardus
87 ChristosVariant of Christopher: He who holds Christ in his heart. Famous Bearers: actors Christopher Plummer and Christopher Walken; explorer Christopher Columbus.
88 Cliff Sprayberry
89 ChristofferVariant of Christopher: He who holds Christ in his heart. Famous Bearers: actors Christopher Plummer and Christopher Walken; explorer Christopher Columbus.
90 ChazaiahGod sees.
91 Cheikh
92 Catharines
93 CaioVariant of Cai: Joy.
94 Charles-Louis Joris
95 CharltonA variant of Carlton, meaning peasants' settlement. Derived from a surname and place name based on the Old English.Free men's town. Famous bearers: American actor Charlton Heston.
96 Chazzmanly, farmer
97 CarltonPeasants' settlement. Derived from a surname and place name; based on Old English.Free men's town.
98 CarlinoVariant of Carlos: Man (Spanish variant of Charles).
99 Chevano
100 Csabagift
101 Chandre
102 CelesterLatin caelestis "heavenly, divine"
103 Cuthbertfamous
104 Charawi
105 CaspariusTreasurer, Royal
106 ChasenHuntsman.
107 ChristoperChrist carrier
108 Chandansandalwood
109 CaoimhinHandsome beloved
110 Crzegay
111 Casius
112 ChristopheVariant of Christopher: He who holds Christ in his heart. Famous Bearers: actors Christopher Plummer and Christopher Walken; explorer Christopher Columbus.
113 Christian Jake
114 CamileFree-born; noble. Variant of Camilla.
115 ChristonDesignated, follower of Christ
116 ChuckA diminutive of Charles from the Old English 'ceorl' meaning man. Famous bearer: American singer Chuck Berry.
117 CormacCharioteer. Famous bearer, a legendary third century Irish king.
118 CalvinBald. Famous Bearers: Early 20th century American President Coolidge; fashion designer Calvin Klein.
119 ConallStrong in battle High; mighty.
120 CherifCharif
121 Creston
122 CaseyFrom a polish word meaning 'Proclamation of peace.' A diminutive of Casirnir, Cassandra, or Catherine. Popularized as a boy's name by the American folk song 'Casey Jones'.
123 Corinavirgin
124 Curtus
125 ChasDiminutive of Charles: From the Old English 'ceorl' meaning man.
126 CyrusSun;
127 ClarkMasculinity
128 Christijn
129 ChristophilusFriend of Christ
130 CobbVariant of Cob: Heel.
131 Cường
132 CruzThe Cross Of Christ
133 CyrielLord
134 ChelseaSeaport. Place name; a London district.
135 ClaymoreA large two-handed sword.
136 Coxaj
137 Clarkefrom the name clark
138 CobusHe grabbed the heel, He will protect
139 Coldboy
140 Chuffy
141 ColethaVictory
142 Chris Cerulli
143 Cherlot
144 CiqalaLittle one (Dakota).
145 ClintArrangement
146 Cum
147 Cedrickwar
148 ChaceHuntsman.
149 Chethan
150 ClementeSoft
151 Caleshapely, clean
152 ChananGod was compassionate
153 Champ Cribbs
154 CocoAbbreviation of Socorro meaning help.
155 CainSpear; possessed. In the Bible Cain was the first murderer having killed his brother Abel in a fit of jealousy.
156 Caylanvictorious people

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