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Anna (Given name)

Anna is a name for girls. The origin of the name is American. On our website 32 people with the name Anna rated their name with 4.5 stars(out of 5). So they seem very satisfied! Abroad this is a perfectly fine name. Anna is in the top 100 of most popular names on facebook on position 87. Nicknames for Anna are Annie, Annamika Costarica and Anna Banana.
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Meaning of Anna

The meaning of Anna is: "Gracious, sweet and bitter, sad".


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Suitable names

Suitable names for a brother of Anna are: Sebastian, Jan, Auke, Tommaso, Mateo. Suitable names for a sister of Anna are: Anjile, Sarah, Anna, Emily, Kathleen. View more suitable names.


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Anna 45 years old   14-08-2012
I'm named after Norwegian and Finnish great grandmothers.
Anna 43 years old   26-09-2012
Anna 38 years old   4-10-2012
I like that it reads the same forwards or backwards
Anna 27 years old   2-02-2013
I would of likes the be named after 1 of my nicknames. I would of still be called ana but as a nickname!
Anna 26 years old   17-10-2013
very short seems like, my parents haven't thought about it
Anna 17 years old   28-11-2013
I kinda dont like my name because people call me names
Anna 17 years old   7-10-2016
it is a nice name
Anna 20 years old   8-04-2018
Anna 63 years old   15-10-2019
It's a simple, unpretentious name, which is recognised in many languages in Europe and the Arab world. Its simplicity is its main attraction. Works well with long surnames.
Anna 13 years old   3-12-2019
It means Grace

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