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Popular boy names in Slovakia

#Name Meaning
1 MartinServant Of Mars, God Of War
2 Peterrock
3 DanielGod is my judge
4 Marekson of Mars
5 MichalWho is like God
6 Jakubhe heel grip
7 Samuelthe heard by God
8 TobiasGod is my good
9 FilipHorses friend
10 Matúš
11 PatrikAristocrat
12 AdamRed, a reference to either the red skin or the red earth of Eden from which the Old Testament Adam was created in Genesis 2. Famous bearer: 7th century Irish St Adamnan, meaning 'little adam', was the biographer of St Columba.
13 NikolasVictory
14 Erikruler of the Law
15 Richardpowerful, strong army
16 AndrejManly
17 SimonGod has heard
18 Miroslavpeace
19 Erichruler of the Law
20 Boriscombatant
21 Jaroslavfame
22 DavidDavid is a both used as a male given name and a surname, and is mostly a given name in English and French Hebrew origin. The name was derived from the Hebrew name "Dawid", which means "Darling" or "Beloved". David is often shortened to "Dave/Davey/Davie/Davy". David was the second and greatest of the kings of Israel in the 10th century BC.
23 RomanA citizen of Rome
24 JozefMay the Lord add
25 Ján
26 MarioWarring.
27 MatejGod's gift
28 JurajFarmer
29 Tomáš
30 Dušan
31 OndrejMasculinity
32 Markoson of Mars
33 Milanlove fame
34 RonaldGuides, ruler
35 AttilaFather
36 DominikLord
37 Lukáš
38 IvanYahweh is gracious
39 Rastislav
40 Nicolasvictor by the people, loved by all
41 Desideriothe desired
42 MathiasGift from God
43 AlexAbbreviation of the Greek name Alexander, meaning defender of mankind. The name is common among English, German and Dutch speakers.
44 Damianrestrain
45 Dávid
46 JanGod is merciful
47 RobertRobert is a masculine given name and surname. It is a Germanic name, from Old High German Hrodebert which means "bright with glory". Hruod means "fame, glory". Berht means "bright".
48 KevinKevin is a male name of Gealic/Irish origin. On of the earliest people who carried the name was Saint Kevin, although it is not a biblical name.Kevin in Irish is: Caoimhghín. Caoimhghín comes from the Irish caomh which means: "kind, honest, handsome".
49 BranislavProtection, Glory
50 Brankoarmor, defense
51 AdrianFrom the Latin Hadrianus meaning of Adria or of the Adriatic sea region. Pope Adrian IV was a 12 century British Pope who became popular in the 1980s when Sue Townsend published 'The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole'.
52 Enricoruler King
53 RudolfVariant of Rudolph: Famed wolf.
54 Marcoson of Mars
55 GabrielMan of God. God's able-bodied one. Famous bearer: The archangel Gabriel, who appears several times in the Bible.
56 Vladimír
57 NinoGod is reconciling
58 TimotejGod is proud of making
59 Norbertsplendor
60 AlexanderGuardian
61 SebastianMasculinity
62 Eduardwealth, guardian of the property
63 Štefan
64 PavelKlein;
65 Adrián
66 IgorWarrior
67 LukasMasculinity
68 TomasTwin.
69 Ladislava glorious ruler
70 Christiananointed
71 DusanVariant of Daniel: God is my judge.
72 ZdenkoFrom Sidon
73 ReneReborn.
74 Marianshapely clean
75 ViktorVictor
76 Roderikfame
77 Vladimirby famous rule
78 TiborThe
79 MilosGrace of God
80 KristianThe anointed
81 Kristián
82 Lucasfrom Lucania, light
83 NoahRust / comfort
84 MatiasGift
85 NoeRest;consolation. Form of Noah.
86 MatteoGift
87 Cincula
88 DorianDoria «r, native Doria«
89 ChristopherChristopher is an English given name for men. It changed from a Greek name "Christophoros", which means "bearing Christ" or "Christ-bearer". It is a combination of 2 Greek words: Christos (Christ) and phero (to bear, to carry).
90 OliverEleven
91 ZoranDawn
92 DamirInner, conscience
93 NeoNew.
94 Marián
95 Antoninvaluable
96 Theogodsend
97 Lubomirloves peace
98 Denisagriculture, fertility, nature and wine
99 Timuriron
100 Enriko
101 Diegohe heel grip
102 KuzmaUniverse, Harmony
103 RadimPeaceful work
104 JustinRighteous
105 LacoFamous ruler
106 RadovanWork
107 IschaHe (God) may laugh, Yahweh is good / Yahweh is salvation
108 RamonVariant of Raymond: Counsel; mighty protection; guards wisely.
109 ZaraVariant of Sarah: Princess.
110 Kailmighty one
111 Zoltán
112 KamilPerfection
113 LeoLion.
114 Leonardlion, hard
115 SzabolcsArea in Hungary
116 MaxThe largest
117 MaximThe largest
118 Marcusson of Mars
119 Karola non-noble freeman
120 Šimon
121 DarioTo maintain
122 Pavliksmall or modest
123 Viliamwith the will as strong as a helmet
124 LionelYoung lion. Diminutive of Leon. One of the knights of King Arthur's Round Table. Famous Bearers: American actor Lionel Barrymore (1878-1954) and British actor Lionel Jeffries (born 1926).
125 Maroš
126 EmilRival;
127 Rolandbrave, brave
128 DejanGod is reconciling
129 Demir
130 Martonwar
131 JoshuaYahweh is salvation
132 MiloslavGracious glory
133 ArthurFrom the Roman clan name Artorius, meaning noble, courageous. Famous bearer: Legendary sixth century King Arthur of Britain and his Round Table of knights. This legend dates to the early 9th century.
134 ArturStrong as a bear.
135 Lubos
136 Nio
137 TimothyOne who honors God. The biblical Timothy was the young Christian to whom Paul wrote. 'Let no man look down on your youth.'.
138 SlavomírBig fame
139 JuanYahweh is gracious
140 Miropeace
141 JuliusPeople of Julus
142 Envershine
143 Dimitrison of Demeter
144 Julián
145 Henrichrules an estate
146 SofiaWisdom
147 RyanKingly. Famous Bearer: American actor Ryan O'Neal.
148 Xaviernew home
149 Kylenarrow (le passage)
150 RadoslavGlorious work

Popular girl names in Slovakia

#Name Meaning
1 LinnetVariant of ancient Welsh given name Eluned: From 'cilun' meaning idol.
2 SimonaGod has heard
3 MichaelaHebrew for "Who is like God"
4 DominikaMr
5 TimeaTo Honor God
6 VeronikaVictory
7 Zuzanawater lily
8 Lucialighting
9 NikoletaConqueror of the people
10 MonikaVariant of Mona 'madonna.
11 LenkaLight
12 VanessaButterfly.
13 Nikolavictor by the people, loved by all
14 MartinaThe little warrior
15 Barbora"Savage" or "wild"
16 SarahPrincess. In the Bible, Sarah was the wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac. Her name was originally Sarai (quarrelsome), but God commanded that her name be changed to Sarah before the birth of her son.
17 Janaderived from the Sabijnenkoning Titus Tatius
18 AlexandraFeminine of Alexander. Defender of mankind.
19 EvaLife. Living one. Variant of Eve. In the bible Eve was Adam's wife and the first woman.
20 Andreamanlike, manly, brave
21 Katarína
22 BiankaWhite; shining. A variant of the French Blanche.
23 Natália
24 SilviaOf The Forest
25 Kristína
26 DanielaGod is my judge
27 Adrianacoming from or resident of Adria
28 Nataliabirthday
29 Petrarock
30 DenisaFeminine of Denis from the Greek name Dionysus.
31 Ivanagift of Yahweh
32 KlaudiaLamb
33 KristinaFollower
34 Erikaruler of the Law
35 DianaFrom the Greek goddess of the moon.
36 RebekaWandering hunter, prey finder
37 GabrielaGod is with us
38 LauraThe laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory. Old name with many variants.
39 ViktoriaAbout Winning, conqueror
40 Viktória
41 MiriamRebellious. In the Old Testament, Miriam was the sister of Moses and Aaron.
42 AnetaGrace.
43 Miroslavapeace
44 Vanesabutterfly variant of vanessa
45 SofiaWisdom
46 Radkasomeone who rejoice
47 TatianaUnknown
48 NoemiBeautiful
49 EmaGrandmother.
50 Ninathe ever pure, pure
51 Chiarabright, shiny, glossy
52 KatarinaPure
53 KarinPure
54 RomanaFrom Rome.
55 AnnaGracious, sweet and bitter, sad
56 Mária
57 PaulaFrom the Latin Paulus, meaning "humble."
58 Lealion
59 SandraUnheeded prophetess. A diminutive of Casirnir, Cassandra, or Catherine. In Homer's 'The Iliad' Cassandra's prediction of the fall of Troy was unheeded. Also used as an independent name. Also a feminine of Alexander (defender of man).
60 Emmagreat great
61 JessicaRich. God beholds. The daughter of Shylock in Shakespeare's play 'The Merchant of Venice'.
62 Alica(Woman) of noble stature, nature
63 Teréziawoman working at harvest
64 SabinaSabine, woman
65 Tímea
66 AnnamariaBitter grace.
67 Saraprincess
68 AlenaRock
69 Rebeccawife of Isaac and mother of Jacob
70 Vivienlively, full of life
71 Frederikapowerful protector
72 LiviaLife. Ancient Roman name. Abbreviation of Olivia.
73 PatriciaAristocrat
74 Barbara"Savage" or "wild"
75 KamilaPerfect
76 LilianaLilies
77 MarcelaLittle
78 TamaraPalm tree. Used as a symbolic oriental name due to the beauty and fruitfulness of the tree.
79 Karolinaa non-noble freeman
80 NicoleConqueror of the people
81 DajanaGod is reconciling
82 AnitaGracious, sweet and bitter, sad
83 Soňa
84 JankaYahweh is gracious
85 CynthiaFrom Kinthos
86 Darinagift
87 JarmilaCzech name, holy name (January 13). Of m. Jarmil, possibly one of Jaromir vleivorm.
88 Mariashapely clean
89 LeticiaJoy
90 SonaGold
91 ScarlettRed. One who wears or sells scarlet cloth. Famous Bearers: Margaret Mitchell's heroine (Scarlett O'Hara) in 'Gone With the Wind'.
92 JanetteGod is gracious
93 Angelika'Like an angel.
94 TerezaHarvester
95 VandaVariant of Wanda: Family; Wanderer.
96 Iveta
97 Jenniferfruitful
98 Sára
99 Patrícia
100 Lianathe juvenile or dedicated to Jupiter
101 EmiliaRival;
102 Bibianalively, full of life
103 Alžbeta
104 KiaraClear;
105 EliskaTruthful
106 SophiaName (s) of
107 Lívia
108 PaulinaKlein;
109 Vieratrue
110 ZdenkaFrom Sidon, a city in Phoenicia
111 StellaDiminutive of Estella: Derived from the Old French form of the Latin 'stella' meaning star. Famous bearer: The heroine of Charles Dickens' novel 'Great Expectations'.
112 ElenaShining light, or bright one. A variant of the Greek Helen.
113 Adriána
114 Melindahoney
115 AdelaPleasant; Of the nobility. Noble. From the Old German 'athal' meaning noble. Famous bearer: Adela was the name of one of British King William I's daughters.
116 Helenatorch, the radiant
117 ValeriaOn
118 Dagmarpeace
119 GretaPearl
120 Marianashapely clean
121 MariannaCombination
122 KingaBravery In War
123 RadoslavaWith joy, glorious
124 Klára
125 Karolína
126 NellyDiminutive of Ellen or Eleanor: A variant of the Greek Helen, meaning shining light, or most beautiful woman.
127 StanislavaRuler
128 Martathe biblical figure Marta
129 Ingridalternative name for the Nordic god Freyr
130 HanaBud - Blossom
131 ZaraVariant of Sarah: Princess.
132 Nicolettevictor by the people, loved by all
133 MiaMy. Also a variant of Maria: Wished for child; rebellion.
134 DariaTo maintain
135 Daša
136 NicolConqueror of the people
137 AlzbetaDedicated to god
138 Júlia
139 Riashapely clean
140 Lindashield of linden wood
141 BeatrixBringer Of Joy
142 HenriettaKeeper of the hearth. Rules her household. From Henriette, the French feminine form of Henry.
143 DanaMy judge is God
144 SaskiaProtector Of Mankind
145 Magdalenataken from Mary Magdalene
146 EmilyEmily is a female name coming from the Roman name Aemilia. This Latin name "Aemilia" comes from the latin word "aemulus" which means "rival".
147 Ľubica
148 Annamária
149 Žofia
150 ElizabethGod has sworn
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