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Popular Slovak boy names

#Name Meaning
1 AbelBreath; son; breathing spirit. In the Old Testament, Abel was the son of Adam and Eve who was killed by his brother Cain in a fit of jealousy.
2 AdamRed, a reference to either the red skin or the red earth of Eden from which the Old Testament Adam was created in Genesis 2. Famous bearer: 7th century Irish St Adamnan, meaning 'little adam', was the biographer of St Columba.
3 Adrián
4 AdrianFrom the Latin Hadrianus meaning of Adria or of the Adriatic sea region. Pope Adrian IV was a 12 century British Pope who became popular in the 1980s when Sue Townsend published 'The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole'.
5 Agafongood
6 AidenLittle Fire
7 AldinOld friend
8 AlessioProtector of men
9 AlexAbbreviation of the Greek name Alexander, meaning defender of mankind. The name is common among English, German and Dutch speakers.
10 AlexanderGuardian
11 AlexeyDefender
12 Alwynfriend
13 Anakinwarrior
14 AnastasiosRevival
15 AndrejManly
16 Antoninvaluable
17 ArthurFrom the Roman clan name Artorius, meaning noble, courageous. Famous bearer: Legendary sixth century King Arthur of Britain and his Round Table of knights. This legend dates to the early 9th century.
18 ArturStrong as a bear.
19 AttilaFather
20 Aurelgold
21 Benjaminson of happiness
22 Boriscombatant
23 BranislavProtection, Glory
24 Brankoarmor, defense
25 Brianhigh
26 Burak
27 CalebMeaning dog, or bold. Famous bearer: Caleb was one of twelve Islaelite leaders sent by Moses to explore the Promised Land.
28 CedricCedric was a character in Sir Walter Scott's 1819 novel Ivanhoe. Possibly derived from a misspelling of Cerdic, a 6th-century king of Wessex, or from the Welsh Cedrych, meaning bounty-pattern.
29 Christiananointed
30 ChristopherChristopher is an English given name for men. It changed from a Greek name "Christophoros", which means "bearing Christ" or "Christ-bearer". It is a combination of 2 Greek words: Christos (Christ) and phero (to bear, to carry).
31 Cincula
32 Csabagift
33 Damianrestrain
34 DamienOn
35 DamirInner, conscience
36 DanielGod is my judge
37 DanoDiminutive of Daniel: God is my judge.
38 DarioTo maintain
39 Dávid
40 DavidDavid is a both used as a male given name and a surname, and is mostly a given name in English and French Hebrew origin. The name was derived from the Hebrew name "Dawid", which means "Darling" or "Beloved". David is often shortened to "Dave/Davey/Davie/Davy". David was the second and greatest of the kings of Israel in the 10th century BC.
41 Davor
42 DejanGod is reconciling
43 Demir
44 Denisagriculture, fertility, nature and wine
45 Didithe desired
46 Diegohe heel grip
47 Dimitrison of Demeter
48 DominikLord
49 DorianDoria «r, native Doria«
50 DusanVariant of Daniel: God is my judge.
51 Dušan
52 EdgarFortunate and powerful. From the Old English name Eadgar, a compound of 'ead' meaning rich or happy, and 'gar' meaning spear. Famous bearer: 10th-century king Edgar of England; American author Edgar Allen Poe.
53 Eduardwealth, guardian of the property
54 EgidiusYouthful.
55 EliasYahweh is (my) God
56 EmilRival;
57 Enes
58 Enricoruler King
59 Enriko
60 Envershine
61 Erhan
62 Erichruler of the Law
63 Erikruler of the Law
64 ErvinPerson From Irvine, Scotland
65 EthanielCombination Of Ethan And Nathaniel
66 Ethem
67 FabianDerived from the Roman clan name Fabius; a name given several Roman emperors and 16 saints.
68 Farooqmoral
69 Ferdinandsecurity, courageous protector
70 Fidelisfaith
71 FilipHorses friend
72 Fridolinpeace, protection
73 GabrielMan of God. God's able-bodied one. Famous bearer: The archangel Gabriel, who appears several times in the Bible.
74 GerhardStrong with the spear
75 Gilan
76 Grishawatchful
77 Haganruler of the home
78 Harryruler King
79 HaydenFrom the valley of hay.
80 HektorA support and stay
81 Henrichrules an estate
82 Hodura blind son of odin
83 Hovado
84 IgorWarrior
85 IschaHe (God) may laugh, Yahweh is good / Yahweh is salvation
86 IvanYahweh is gracious
87 Ivoarcher
88 Jackob
89 Jakubhe heel grip
90 JanGod is merciful
91 Ján
92 Jaroslavfame
93 Jencigood
94 JoshuaYahweh is salvation
95 JozefMay the Lord add
96 JuanYahweh is gracious
97 Julián
98 JulianThe young man, dedicated to Jupiter
99 JuliusPeople of Julus
100 JurajFarmer
101 JustinRighteous
102 KaanYahweh is gracious
103 Kailmighty one
104 KamilPerfection
105 KareemThe generous
106 KarimThe Generous One
107 Karola non-noble freeman
108 KasperTreasure holder
109 Kerim
110 KevinKevin is a male name of Gealic/Irish origin. On of the earliest people who carried the name was Saint Kevin, although it is not a biblical name.Kevin in Irish is: Caoimhghín. Caoimhghín comes from the Irish caomh which means: "kind, honest, handsome".
111 KissExpression Of Caring
112 Kokot
113 Kristián
114 KristianThe anointed
115 KuzmaUniverse, Harmony
116 Ladislava glorious ruler
117 LeoLion.
118 Leonardlion, hard
119 Leoslion
120 Liamwith the will as strong as a helmet
121 LibertLief
122 LiborFree
123 LionelYoung lion. Diminutive of Leon. One of the knights of King Arthur's Round Table. Famous Bearers: American actor Lionel Barrymore (1878-1954) and British actor Lionel Jeffries (born 1926).
124 Ľubomír
125 Lubomirloves peace
126 Lubos
127 Lucasfrom Lucania, light
128 Luckyhappy
129 Ludovit
130 Luigiglorious war hero
131 LukasMasculinity
132 Lukáš
133 Malakaiangel or messenger of god
134 MarcelDedicated to Mars, Roman god of war, warrior
135 Marcoson of Mars
136 Marcusson of Mars
137 Marekson of Mars
138 Marián
139 Marianshapely clean
140 Mário
141 MarioWarring.
142 MarkMark is popularly used as a male given name in English language or many European countries. Originally, it was from old Latin "Mart-kos" meaning "consecrated to the god Mars", "God of war" or "to be warlike". This name Mark is formed from Marcus. The author of the second Gospel in the New Testament was Saint Mark, He is the patron saint of Venice.
143 Markoson of Mars
144 Maroš
145 MartinServant Of Mars, God Of War
146 Martonwar
147 MatejGod's gift
148 Matheo
149 MathiasGift from God
150 MatiasGift
151 MatteoGift
152 MattiaGift of the Lord
153 Matúš
154 MauricioMoor
155 MauriciusDark
156 MaxThe largest
157 MaximThe largest
158 MichaelThe name Michael is usually used for males and can be changed to Michèle, Michelle, Michaela, Mechelle, Micheline, and Michaelle for female or even Mychal for either male or female. Michael is a Hebrew name meaning "Who is like God?". In English, it is shortened as Mike, Mikey, Mickey or Mick.
159 MichalWho is like God
160 MiklósVictorious people
161 MikulaVictorious people
162 Milanlove fame
163 MilosGrace of God
164 MiloslavGracious glory
165 MiodragDear and cherished
166 Miropeace
167 Miroslavpeace
168 MotavatoBlack kettle (Cheyenne).
169 NaimPleasant
170 NarutoA powerful whirlpool.
171 Nataliabirthday
172 NathanGift from God
173 Nehemiasconsolation of Yahweh
174 NeoNew.
175 NeroValiant man
176 Neymar
177 NiallVariant of Neill: Champion. A dynasty of Irish kings was founded by Niall of the Nine Hostages.
178 Nicolasvictor by the people, loved by all
179 NikolajVictory
180 NikolasVictory
181 NilsThe horned
182 NinoGod is reconciling
183 Nio
184 NoahRust / comfort
185 NoeRest;consolation. Form of Noah.
186 NoelBirthday (of Christ)
187 Norbertsplendor
188 OlexaWarrior protector
189 OliverEleven
190 OndrejMasculinity
191 PatrickPatrick is a given name for boys. It comes from a Latin name "Patricius" meaning "nobleman". It is popular because of Saint Patrick in Irish history, so there are more people who use the name in Ireland. There are variations of this name like Padraic, Pádraig, Pat, Rick, Ricky and Patricia.
192 PatrikAristocrat
193 PavelKlein;
194 Pavliksmall or modest
195 Pavol
196 Peterrock
197 RadoslavGlorious work
198 RadovanWork
199 Rastislav
200 ReneReborn.
201 Richardpowerful, strong army
202 RoanFrom the rowan tree.
203 RobertRobert is a masculine given name and surname. It is a Germanic name, from Old High German Hrodebert which means "bright with glory". Hruod means "fame, glory". Berht means "bright".
204 RoccoBattle
205 Roderikfame
206 Rolandbrave, brave
207 RomanA citizen of Rome
208 RonaldGuides, ruler
209 RudolfVariant of Rudolph: Famed wolf.
210 RyanKingly. Famous Bearer: American actor Ryan O'Neal.
211 SabriPatient
212 Samuelthe heard by God
213 SantosThe saints
214 SarahPrincess. In the Bible, Sarah was the wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac. Her name was originally Sarai (quarrelsome), but God commanded that her name be changed to Sarah before the birth of her son.
215 SebastianMasculinity
216 SethAnointed; compensation. Seth was the third son of Adam and Eve. Eve considered him to be a replacement for her dead son, Abel.
217 Šimon
218 SimonGod has heard
219 SimonaGod has heard
220 Štefan
221 SzabolcsArea in Hungary
222 SzilardFirmly
223 Theogodsend
224 ThomasThomas is a male given name. It was formed from a Greek word of the Aramaic name "Ta'oma'" meaning "twin". After Saint Thomas Becket, it became popular in England. This name also has some female versions such as Thomasina, Tamsyn, Tamsin, Tasmina, Tasmino, Thomaida/Thomais, or Tammy.
225 TiborThe
226 TimonHonor, Pride
227 TimotejGod is proud of making
228 TimothyOne who honors God. The biblical Timothy was the young Christian to whom Paul wrote. 'Let no man look down on your youth.'.
229 Timuriron
230 TobiasGod is my good
231 TobyGod is my good
232 TomasTwin.
233 Tomáš
234 Turan
235 UdoHeritage
236 VáclavGreater glory
237 ViktorVictor
238 Viliamwith the will as strong as a helmet
239 VilleDetermined protector
240 Vladimirby famous rule
241 Vladimír
242 Xaviernew home
243 Zachariáš
244 ZadokJust.
245 ZaraVariant of Sarah: Princess.
246 ZdenkoFrom Sidon
247 Zoltán
248 ZoranDawn
249 ZsoltLife

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