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Boy names with lowest rating

#Name Meaning
1 Larrythe award-winning
2 Ralphwolf
3 KerryBlack
4 MarioWarring.
5 Darrenlarge
6 Henryruler King
7 TimothyOne who honors God. The biblical Timothy was the young Christian to whom Paul wrote. 'Let no man look down on your youth.'.
8 Geraldruler with the iron spear
9 JoseVariant of Josepha. Feminine form of Joseph. May Jehovah give increase.
10 Jeremywith a holy name
11 Harryruler King
12 ArthurFrom the Roman clan name Artorius, meaning noble, courageous. Famous bearer: Legendary sixth century King Arthur of Britain and his Round Table of knights. This legend dates to the early 9th century.
13 StanleyStony field; lives by the stony grove.
14 CameronDerives from a Scottish surname; from the Gaelic meaning crooked or bent nose. A common first name in Scotland, and in 2Oth century Canadian and Australian families of Scottish descent.
15 NathanGift from God
16 JaredRose (flower). Also Descending. A pre-flood Biblical name. The character Jared on the late Sixties TV western The Big Valley.
17 TomDerives from Thomas 'Twin.'.
18 Guywood, forest, forest
19 Carlmeans the same as guy
20 WayneCraftsman; wagon-wright; wagon driver. Famous Bearer: U.S. Actor John Wayne (1907-1979).
21 DannyGod is my judge
22 Jerryruler with the iron spear
23 Antoninvaluable
24 TerryAbbreviation of Terrance and Terrell. Terry is also an Anglicized phonetic form of the French given name Thierry from an older Germanic name meaning 'powerful; ruler of the people.'.
25 Jasonto heal. Jason is a character of Greek mythology
26 Felixhappy
27 Jacobhe heel grip
28 Robinbeautifully by fame
29 JoeMay the Lord add
30 JosephMay the Lord add
31 Lawrencethe award-winning
32 DonaldGreat cheif, world mighty. From the Gaelic Domhnall. The name Donald has been borne by a number of early Scottish kings. Famous Bearers: Billionaire Donald Trump; actor Donald Sutherland.
33 Luisglorious war hero
34 Dennisfertility
35 LoganFinnian's servant.
36 PhilipHorses friend
37 SebastianMasculinity
38 AliNoble, Sublime
39 Benjaminson of happiness
40 Alanrock
41 Charlesa non-noble freeman
42 BradDiminutive of Bradley: Broad clearing in the wood. From a surname and place name based on the Old English words for broad clearing and broad wood. Famous Bearer: Movie star Brad (Bradley) Pitt.
43 Chrisanointed
44 RobertRobert is a masculine given name and surname. It is a Germanic name, from Old High German Hrodebert which means "bright with glory". Hruod means "fame, glory". Berht means "bright".
45 RussellLittle
46 Peterrock
47 DeanFrom a surname derived from the Old English 'denu', meaning valley. Famous bearers: American actor and singer Dean Martin, American statesman Dean Acheson.
48 Edwardwealth, guardian of the property
49 GrahamThis Scottish surname is a variant of the Lincolnshire place name Grantham, meaning Grant's homestead, and is also a common given name. Famous bearer: British writer Graham Greene.
50 GaryStrong with the spear

Girl names with lowest rating

#Name Meaning
1 CaseyFrom a polish word meaning 'Proclamation of peace.' A diminutive of Casirnir, Cassandra, or Catherine. Popularized as a boy's name by the American folk song 'Casey Jones'.
2 CourtneyFrom the court, or short nose. From the surname of the aristocratic Courtenay family, based on the Old French word meaning short nose.
3 ShirleyBright wood; bright meadow; from the white meadow. Famous Bearers: child star Shirley Temple.
4 AyaSign
5 Teresawoman working at harvest
6 Maryshapely clean
7 MargaretPearl
8 Jennafruitful
9 Brittanycountry
10 Josephineadded
11 SabrinaLegendary princess.
12 TiffanyAppearance Of God
13 FreyaLief
14 PatriciaAristocrat
15 LaurenFeminine form of Lorin: Variant of Laurence: From the place of laurel trees.
16 HeatherA flowering evergreen plant that thrives on peaty barren lands as in Scotland. Heather.
17 KarinaClean / pure
18 KatiePure
19 AmandaFrom the Latin word amanda, meaning "lovable." Literary; poets and playwrights brought this name into popular usage in the seventeenth century.
20 JessicaRich. God beholds. The daughter of Shylock in Shakespeare's play 'The Merchant of Venice'.
21 AshleyLives in the ash tree grove. Derived from a surname and place name based on the Old English word for ash wood. Famous bearer: Ashley, the male character in Margaret Mitchell's popular 'Gone with the Wind'. Both a male and female name.
22 EllenA variant of the Greek Helen, meaning shining light, or most beautiful woman. Famous bearer: British actress Dame Ellen Terry.
23 LeslieScottish surname and place name. From Leslie.
24 SamanthaListen; name of God.
25 BriannaStrong. She ascends. Feminine of Brian.
26 HaileyField of hay. Usually a surname.
27 KaylaVariants of Kay: keeper of the keys; pure. Famous bearer: Kayla is a character on daytime TV series 'Days of Our Lives. '.
28 DawnAurora. The first appearance of daylight; daybreak. Dawn. From the English word dawn.
29 RhondaContemporary name attributed to the Welsh origin, meaning "good spear."
30 AnitaGracious, sweet and bitter, sad
31 DestinyCertain fortune; fate. The mythological Greek god of fate.
32 MaureenVariant of Mary: Wished-for child; rebellion; bitter.
33 LindseyVariant of Lindsay: From the island of the lime tree. Although in the past, Lindsay was a common boys' name, today it is used more often for girls.
34 EvelynFrom a surname derived from the Old French 'aveline' meaning hazelnut. Famous bearer: Evelyn Waugh.
35 EmilyEmily is a female name coming from the Roman name Aemilia. This Latin name "Aemilia" comes from the latin word "aemulus" which means "rival".
36 SarahPrincess. In the Bible, Sarah was the wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac. Her name was originally Sarai (quarrelsome), but God commanded that her name be changed to Sarah before the birth of her son.
37 TaylorA
38 MichelleHebrew for "Who is like God"
39 AmyDearly loved; Beloved. From the Old French Amee, which derives from the Latin amatus meaning loved. In common use after publication of American Louisa May Alcott's 'Little Women'.
40 Carolinemeans the same as guy
41 EverdinaStrong as a bear
42 DonnaLady
43 Tracywoman working at harvest
44 IsabellaGod has sworn
45 ErinAn ancient and poetic name for Ireland. Famous bearer: Erin from the American television series 'The Waltons'.
46 DanaMy judge is God
47 AngelaFeminine form of Angelo: Messenger of God; angel.
48 SierraDark. Feminine of Ciaran.
49 LucyVariant of Lucia: Graceful light. Illumination.
50 AprilOpening buds of spring; born in April.

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