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Baby girl names with 6 letters

#Name Meaning
1 ChaimaChaima is a name used for both boys and girls, but mostly for girls. It is originally a French name, and is very rare. Only about 0.001% of the population in the world is named Chaima. It means "With a beauty spot".
2 AshleyLives in the ash tree grove. Derived from a surname and place name based on the Old English word for ash wood. Famous bearer: Ashley, the male character in Margaret Mitchell's popular 'Gone with the Wind'. Both a male and female name.
3 Oliviaolive tree
4 RachelEwe. Rachel was the second and favoured wife of Jacob in the Old Testament.
5 Andreamanlike, manly, brave
6 AmandaFrom the Latin word amanda, meaning "lovable." Literary; poets and playwrights brought this name into popular usage in the seventeenth century.
7 HannahGrace of God
8 NicoleConqueror of the people
9 AngelaFeminine form of Angelo: Messenger of God; angel.
10 SandraUnheeded prophetess. A diminutive of Casirnir, Cassandra, or Catherine. In Homer's 'The Iliad' Cassandra's prediction of the fall of Troy was unheeded. Also used as an independent name. Also a feminine of Alexander (defender of man).
11 SharonFrom the Plain of Sharon (in the Holy Land); from the land of Sharon.
12 SophieName (s) of
13 PamelaName invented in the 16th century for a heroine of the book 'Arcadia', by Sir Philip Sidney.
14 Prachimorning
15 Denisefertility
16 TaylorA
17 JudithJewess. Praised.
18 AliciaOf noble birth
19 EvelynFrom a surname derived from the Old French 'aveline' meaning hazelnut. Famous bearer: Evelyn Waugh.
20 LaurenFeminine form of Lorin: Variant of Laurence: From the place of laurel trees.
21 SheilaIrish variant of Celia, from Celius, a Roman clan name. Also a form of Cecilia: blind.
22 Teresawoman working at harvest
23 Aarcha
24 AlisonOf noble birth
25 AlyssaNoble
26 BiancaWhite; shining. A variant of the French Blanche.
27 SophiaName (s) of
28 Morganclear
29 SierraDark. Feminine of Ciaran.
30 ShelbyFrom the manor house 'Willow farm.' English surname used more for girls than boys given names.
31 CherylVariant of the French Cherie: dear one; darling. Rhyming variant of names like Meryl and Beryl.
32 Karabo
33 HaileyField of hay. Usually a surname.
34 CarienClean and pure
35 Naledia star
36 AmeliaVariant of Amelia: From the Old German Amalburga, meaning labour and the Latin Aemilia.
37 SherryThe
38 ArzinaEagle
39 MonicaVariant of Mona.
40 TamaraPalm tree. Used as a symbolic oriental name due to the beauty and fruitfulness of the tree.
41 MelodyMelody (song).
42 Louiseglorious war hero
43 Mariamshapely clean
44 AudreyVariant of Etheldreda: From the Old English name Aethelthryth, meaning noble and strength. Famous bearer: St Etheldreda, later known as St Audrey, founded a monastery at Ely.
45 EltinaNoble
46 Nilufa
47 Jetskehomeland, power, ruler
48 CarmenGarden. The Spanish form of the Hebrew Carmel. Famous bearer: Bizet's opera 'Carmen', first performed in 1875.
49 SabiraPatient
50 LienkeSoft, soft, nice
51 ManoukGod be with us
52 AutumnBorn in the fall; The fall season.
53 BrandyThe beverage brandy used as a given name.
54 KarinaClean / pure
55 SkylarA spelling variation of the surname Schuyler.
56 TraceyFrom Tracy, France
57 Brendasword
58 ElaineShining light. An Old French form of Helen.
59 Vivianlively, full of life
60 AlexisHelper; defender. Variant of Alexander.
61 KelseyVictory
62 RhondaContemporary name attributed to the Welsh origin, meaning "good spear."
63 SydneyVariant of Sidney: From Saint-Denis (place name). This name has recently become popular for girls as well as boys.
64 NicolaConqueror of the people
65 LorenaVariant of Laura or Lora referring to the laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory.
66 Mariahshapely, clean
67 SaskiaProtector Of Mankind
68 Eileentorch, the radiant
69 ArnikaHe who rules like an eagle, eagle Mighty
70 AlexiaVariant of Alexander. Helper, defender of man.
71 LeslieScottish surname and place name. From Leslie.
72 Myriammarjoram (herb). Also known as Marjoram Herb Sausage or
73 JaniceYahweh is gracious
74 ShawnaGod is with us
75 Emeldavariant of Irmhild
76 JoannaGod is with us
77 GloriaGlory
78 Jordanearth, land
79 PhoebeFrom the Greek phoibos, meaning "pure, bright."
80 RilanaClean and pure
81 Celine
82 Ryannevariant of Rianna, Rianne
83 NmachiBeauty of God
84 DanielGod is my judge
85 CamilaFree-born; noble. Variant of Camilla.
86 SimoneGod has heard
87 Yasminjasmine blossom
88 CaroleVariant of Carole: The french form of the English Carol, a dimunitive of Charles meaning strong.
89 Shakeh
90 Arbesa
91 IsabelGod has sworn
92 DaphneVictory.
93 Nyashamerciful and kind
94 Esthera star
95 Kendrason
96 DebbieDiminutive of Deborah: Bee. Deborah was the Biblical prophetess who summoned Barak to battle against an army of invaders. After the battle she wrote a victory song which is part of the Book of Judges.
97 JitskeNoble
98 SherylDear
99 HayleyHay field. From the hay meadow. Both a surname and place name. Famous Bearer: actress Hayley Mills.
100 CassieUnheeded prophetess. A diminutive of Casirnir, Cassandra, or Catherine. Cassandra was a Trojan prophetess, daughter of King Priam. In Homer's 'The Iliad' Cassandra's prediction of the fall of Troy was unheeded. Also used as an independent name.
101 SilviaOf The Forest
102 NoralyGod is my light
103 RolinaFamous in the country or famous wolf
104 Chiarabright, shiny, glossy
105 Zuille
106 DeannaFrom the valley. Variant of Diana meaning divine.
107 Dirkjepowerful among the people
108 AmalieYoked strijdens, Hardworking
109 Zandri
110 Subata
111 JessieYahweh is
112 FatimaDaughter Of The Prophet
113 Donitagift
114 JelenaBright
115 Marthathe biblical figure Marta
116 BonniePretty, charming beautiful. Derived from the Scottish dialect word bonny, meaning beautiful; which in turn is based on the Latin 'bonus' meaning good.
117 JuminaPearls
118 JoshuaYahweh is salvation
119 KristiFollower
120 MarciaMythical war god
121 MiriamRebellious. In the Old Testament, Miriam was the sister of Moses and Aaron.
122 ArianaVivacious.
123 NadineHope
124 Helenatorch, the radiant
125 LoubnaThe milk of a tree, sweeter than honey
126 HabibaOne who is loved.
127 Bregjebeautifully by noble behavior
128 Jeslin
129 SundusFine silk brocade
130 Jackiehe heel grip
131 Mayrel
132 SelenaVariant of Celine: French form of the Latin 'caelum' meaning sky or heaven. Also a variant of Celia.
133 Marinashapely clean
134 Summersummer
135 JoanneYahweh is gracious
136 BrookeLives by the stream.
137 AluciaCombined Name
138 Wissam
139 ShairaPoet, visionary
140 Alesiahelper
141 YolineGod will increase
142 NyakioHard Working
143 VilinaDedicated
144 JamilaGraceful, pretty. Somalian origin.
145 Elvida
146 Carinaclean or pure
147 Fazaid
148 BalsamBalsam
149 AzaireGod has helped
150 UlindaFrom the city Olinthos
151 Ardeja
152 SamimaSincerely, pure
153 SkylerPhonetic spelling of Schuyler.
154 CelinaDivine
155 Milenashapely clean
156 JordynThe female version of the name Jordan. The name is used for boys as well.
157 Astriddivine beauty
158 OksanaPraise Be To God
159 Dagmarpeace
160 KristaThe anointed
161 Aubreypresiding over otherworldly beings
162 LesleyScottish surname and place name.
163 TapiwaGift
164 AyricaAlways powerful ruler
165 ElijahMy God is Jehovah. Variant of Hebrew Elijah
166 Sheray
167 Novita(The) new (born)
168 DinekeRated
169 IlaydaWater Fairy
170 JericaHeri
171 BrianaNoble
172 Jildouholy
173 Meaganornament
174 Auloragolden laurel blossom
175 MarshaMythical war god
176 Bleona
177 AnnikaVariant of Ann: A variant of Hannah introduced to Britain in the 13th century, made popular in the 14th century by the cult of St Anne. The form of the name varies with fashion:.
178 Auroragold
179 FreyjaNorse goddess of love and magic
180 BreanaNoble, strong
181 아름
182 Tomiwa
183 AileenPleasant, Beautiful, The shining
184 LaurynMasculinity
185 SineadGod is with us
186 Fjolla
187 Lynndy
188 ParisaLike A Fairy
189 Yvette(Bow) Yew
190 StaceyResurrection
191 EmilieGentle, friendly, contestant
192 ElianaThe
193 TrishaA
194 MoriahGod teaches. Biblical name of the mount of the Jerusalem's Temple of Solomon.
195 Dahely
196 JolijnGod is gracious
197 ReginaLatin: queen, Norwegian Distinguishing the gods
198 BayleeCourtyard within castle walls; steward or public official. Surname or given name.
199 MadihaPraiseworthy
200 ZulekaHonest
201 WiesjeIn all respects, wise, glorious warrior, a fighter to loot
202 Yeliel
203 KamilaPerfect
204 Zeryna
205 JanineYahweh is gracious
206 JemimaPigeon
207 ElodieWealthy, Riches
208 TesselShortened form of Tesselschade with significant damage to Texel
209 SheliaGhost
210 Yvonne(Bow) Yew
211 NienkeClean / pure, Merciful / or other lovely names that end with ina
212 PolinaLittle Stone
213 Zuhura
214 MilicaGrace of God
215 Renskethe award-winning
216 Farihahappy
217 LoesjeFull fame warrior
218 Clairebright, shiny, glossy
219 JinellFair
220 Leannejuvenile or dedicated to Jupiter
221 Harini
222 Ebellaever
223 MaryamBitter, Mariem
224 AyeshaLife / Live, Full of Life
225 ShellyVariant of Shelley: Meadow on a ledge.
226 은수
227 SylviaForest
228 LilithLilith is used as a female name, identified as a female demon. It is originated from Akkadian which means "of the night". In the Hebrew term Lilith or "Lilit" is known as "night creatures", "night monster", "night hag" or "screech owl".
229 DoreenA variant of Doirean, derived from a Celtic word meaning sullen.
230 SerenaSerene, Calm
231 Ingridalternative name for the Nordic god Freyr
232 Leratolove
233 RaquelInnocent.
234 Dimara
235 Isolderule
236 Leonielion
237 ZeynepArabic name, derived from the plant named Zaynab.
238 JeaniaGod is reconciling
239 BrandiVariant of the beverage brandy used as a given name.
240 Omulie
241 RashmiSunbeam
242 Mabiya
243 SiofraGod Peace
244 Gladyslame
245 Jenicefruitful
246 Conniesteadfast and persevering
247 KoosjeHe grabbed the heel, He will protect
248 Yussra
249 JellieValue, retaliation
250 KaelynVariant of Kay and Kayla, meaning: keeper of the keys; pure.

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