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Yitzchok (Given name)

Yitzchok is a name for boys. Unfortunately the name is often written wrong. Many people in our language struggle with the pronunciation of this name. English speakers can struggle with the pronunciation of this name. A nickname for Yitzchok is "Yitz".
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Meaning of Yitzchok

The meaning of Yitzchok is not known to us.


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Yitzchok occurs in the following categories:
Baby boy names with 8 letters247 namesBoy names beginning with Y39 namesBoy names ending in K93 names

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Yitzchok 28 years old   4-11-2012
Yitzchok, Yitzchak, Yitzhak, Yitzhaq, Itzjak, Jizchak and others all just spelling variants of the Hebrew which is made up of four consonants Yud, Tzadi, Chet and Kuf (note: these spellings of the letter-names are also non-standardised)
The first letter Yud sounds like the English letter y in yellow or like the German j in jahr in languages without a yod sound like Greek it is written with an i.
The second letter Tzadi sounds like tz in blitz in Greek this sound was represented by a sigma or s sound.
The third sound is Chet which sounds like ch in loch or the German ich another sound not found in Greek as well as others written with h or a vowel.
The fourth letter Kuf is just like k or c in english

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