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Alfrina (Given name)

Alfrina is a name for girls. On our website 3 people with the name Alfrina rated their name with 5 stars(out of 5). So they seem very satisfied! Sometimes people write the name wrong. In our language some people struggle with the pronunciation of the name. In other countries people can pronounce the name just fine, though expect weird reactions. A nickname for Alfrina is "Sujina".
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Meaning of Alfrina

The meaning of Alfrina is: "Eleven counsel".


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Alfrina 17 years old   7-04-2018
I love my name
Alfrina 51 years old   2020-10-27 16:20:35
Alfrina, means 'Elf Counsel' or 'Elven Counsel' and NOT "Eleven Council"- I think your writers made a typo. It is a variant of Alfreda or Alfreyda, which is the feminine of 'Alfred'. It's actually not my name, I made it up as an pseudonym for a game based on Lord of the Rings and I'm surprised to see that it is an actual name. I quite like it really.

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