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Latest comments
Yes my name is very nice. It's a unique name and I am very much satisfied by my name.
God is great "Gold"
I've had people spell it with b's "Belbet"
I love the uniqueness of my name and it is very pretty written in cursive.
Tiffany 9-09
When I was young, no one had heard of my name and often mispronounced it: Stephanie or Taffy. Now, it's more common, but still has connotations of being snobby or slutty.
ದ ಅಕ್ಷರದ ಹೆಸರು 9-09
Sirajam Munira 8-09
the meaning of my name is bright lamp,golden lamp...........ETC
Iarlhen 6-09
British name
Iarlhen 6-09
Popular baby girl name
Firuze 6-09
Azyadeth 3-09
mermaid in the austral sea. Hebrew
Relindis 3-09
I love the name sooo much and thank God for it.
Anderline 2-09
People awe at me anytime I introduce myself
Aizy 1-09
I love my name...
Actually, i am Grea's mother. The name of my daughter was taken from her Daddy's name Greg Andal.. dropping the last letter g and adding the ĺetter a from Andal. Hence the name Grea.. Thanks and God bless. Respecrfully yours, Mrs. Andal
I love my name.. for me it means strength and happiness
I love my name.. for me it means strength and happiness
I Love that name"Livinus" it gives me joy
I Love that name"Livinus" it gives me joy
I Love that name"Livinus" it gives me joy
It’s considered a boys name but I’m female the name origins from Africa and I’m the only person with this name in America
Azyadeth means mearmaide of Guds love. Is Hebrew
I love my name. It is very sentimental. But many people find it hard to pronounce.
I really love being the wondefull plan of God and for my family
my name is Anderline and it means NOBLE
I love my name
People from asia typically have trouble saying "Carly". My in-laws, who were from China, called me "Calla." I used to work with a Columbian woman who said that the "rly" sound was hard for her to make properly, and asked if she could just call me Catalina.
It's a Persian name meaning 'a smile'. I love my name because it's easy to write, easy to pronunce and meaningful.
My Mother said she wrote my name on the original birth certificate as a phrase “Summer-Joy”.
Hi i am John how are you
Jia 7-08
Easy to spell and easy to pronounce
Emielle 7-08
Emielle is the female version of the name Emiel. The name is a form of Aemilius and originates from Dutch.It shares the meaning: "Gentle, friendly, competitor".
Poopoo 4-08
my name is pronounced poypoy not POOPOO FOR THE LOVE OF GO-
Fatjona 3-08
It means our fate
Im not comforrtable when someone calls me by my full name. And what I like about about my name its gives a great feeling about the kind of person I am
It's not a Welsh name. If it was Welsh it would be Penrhyn.
It's Cornish.
I love my name
ದ ಅಕ್ಷರದ ಹೆಸರು23-07