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Popular Irish names

#Name Meaning
1 SineadGod is with us
2 CiaraDark
3 CaraDear, beloved. From the feminine form of the Italian 'cara' or the Latin 'carus'.
4 CaoimheLovely and charming.
5 Aoibhinn
6 AoibheannBeautiful luster
7 AoifeIrish form of Eve: gives life.
8 Aoibhe
9 AlannahRock
10 AlannaRock
11 Aislingvision, dream
12 Aineshine
13 ClodaghFrom the name of an Irish river, Clodagh is used occasionally as a first name in Ireland.
14 EabhaBreath of Life
15 Saoirsefreedom
16 SadhbhWise.
17 RoisinLittle
18 OrlaithGold Queen
19 OrlaGold Queen
20 NiamhBright
21 MuireannSea Of Bitterness
22 MeabhIntoxicating
23 MaeveJoy. The name of an early queen of Connaught.
24 GrainneCharming. Love. Grianne was a Gaelic legendary heroine who eloped with Diarmuid.
25 Eimear
26 TadhgMythical a prince of Munster.
27 Senanhero of the people
28 SeanYahweh is gracious
29 DaraWise. Feminine form from the male Dara, a biblical descendant of Judah known for his wisdom.
30 CormacCharioteer. Famous bearer, a legendary third century Irish king.
31 KillianStrife or battle Small; fierce.
32 Cillianwar
33 CiaranBlack-haired.
34 KianAncient
35 CianAncient
36 CathalStrong in battle.
37 CalumPigeon
38 CallumPigeon
39 Brianhigh
40 Darraghfruitful
41 DiarmuidFree from envy.
42 RuairiRed king
43 OisinLittle
44 OranPale green.
45 OdhranPale green.
46 NiallVariant of Neill: Champion. A dynasty of Irish kings was founded by Niall of the Nine Hostages.
47 LorcanLittle fierce one.
48 Liamwith the will as strong as a helmet
49 KevinKevin is a male name of Gealic/Irish origin. On of the earliest people who carried the name was Saint Kevin, although it is not a biblical name.Kevin in Irish is: Caoimhghín. Caoimhghín comes from the Irish caomh which means: "kind, honest, handsome".
50 FionnHonest
51 EoinGod is with us
52 EoghanGod's gift. From a Gaelic word for youth. Also a variant of Eugene.
53 AidanLittle fire, ardent. Aidan was popular in Ireland in the 7th century after the famous Irish monk Aidan, and was revived in the early 19th century. It is used as a female name as well.

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