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Popular Filipino boy names

#Name Meaning
1 AaronLofty; exalted; high mountain. Biblically, Aaron was Moses' older brother (and keeper by God's command). He was first high priest of the Israelites, remembered for the miraculous blossoming of his staff or rod.
2 AdrianFrom the Latin Hadrianus meaning of Adria or of the Adriatic sea region. Pope Adrian IV was a 12 century British Pope who became popular in the 1980s when Sue Townsend published 'The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole'.
3 AdrielGod's flock; from God's congregation.
4 AeronMountain of strength
5 Albertobeautifully by noble behavior
6 AlexisHelper; defender. Variant of Alexander.
7 AlvinWise friend. From the Old English Aetheiwine, and also Aefwine, both meaning noble friend. Various forms of Alvin in use after the Norman Conquest became surnames, and also first names.
8 AmmonVariant of Amon: Secret; faithful; roaring stream.
9 Amzad
10 Andreimanlike, manly, brave
11 AndrewManly; brave. In the Bible the first of the twelve apostles chosen was Andrew. The name comes from the Greek word andros, which means "strong, manly and courageous." Andrew is patron saint of Scotland and Russia. See also Jedrick and Kendrick.
12 AngelitoLittle Angel
13 AngeloMessenger. Biblical name for spirit messengers God sends men.
14 AnthonyAnthony(or Antony) is a given name for men. It originates from a Roman family name 'Antonius'. Its full name is Marcus Antonius means Mark Antony in English. The name appears in many countries in different forms like Antoine in French, Antonio in Spanish and Italian, António or Antônio in Portuguese, Anton in Russian, etc. Anthony means "flower", which came from a Greek word "anthos".
15 AntonioThe invaluable
16 ArchieA popular diminutive of Archibald, meaning true and bold, valuable. Famous bearers: a ventriloquist's dummy in the radio programme 'Educating Archie'; a philisophical cockroach created by American writer Don Marquis.
17 AriesThe Ram
18 Arjay
19 ArmandoArmy man. Variant of Herman.
20 Arnel
21 ArnoldHe who reigns as an Eagle
22 Arnul
23 ArvinBattle
24 Benjaminson of happiness
25 BernardinoVariant of Bernard: Brave.
26 Brianhigh
27 Brian Paolo
28 Brix Brylle
29 BryanBryan is a name that is usually given to boys. It is a variant of the name Brian. It comes from an Old Celtic language word meaning "high", or "noble".
30 Cabading
31 CandelariaCandle, Illuminated
32 Carloa non-noble freeman
33 CaseyFrom a polish word meaning 'Proclamation of peace.' A diminutive of Casirnir, Cassandra, or Catherine. Popularized as a boy's name by the American folk song 'Casey Jones'.
34 CedricCedric was a character in Sir Walter Scott's 1819 novel Ivanhoe. Possibly derived from a misspelling of Cerdic, a 6th-century king of Wessex, or from the Welsh Cedrych, meaning bounty-pattern.
35 Cedrickwar
36 Charlesa non-noble freeman
37 Charliea non-noble freeman
38 ChesterFrom an English surname and place name, but ultimately based on the Latin 'castra' meaning camp. Famous people: American president Chester A. Arthur.
39 Christiaananointed
40 Christiananointed
41 Christian Jay
42 Christianmark
43 ClarenceFrom the surname and place name Clare, meaning bright or clear. Famous bearers: George, Duke of Clarence, brother of King Edward IV and King Richard III, who is traditionally believed to have drowned in Malmsey wine.
44 ClarkMasculinity
45 Cleanne
46 CrisantoGolden Flower
47 CristinoOne who follows Christ
48 Dado
49 DanielGod is my judge
50 DaniloGod is with us
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Popular Filipino girl names

#Name Meaning
1 A
2 Abegail
3 AbigailThe father rejoices
4 Ailyn
5 Aimee
6 Airaof the wind
7 AlexaHelper, defender. variant of Alexander.
8 AlexandraFeminine of Alexander. Defender of mankind.
9 AlexisHelper; defender. Variant of Alexander.
10 AlmaGirl
11 Almiraprincess
12 AlonaRefers to the Virgin Mary.
13 AltheaOne who brings healing.
14 AlyssaNoble
15 AmyDearly loved; Beloved. From the Old French Amee, which derives from the Latin amatus meaning loved. In common use after publication of American Louisa May Alcott's 'Little Women'.
16 Analyn
17 Andreamanlike, manly, brave
18 AngelAngel
19 AngelaFeminine form of Angelo: Messenger of God; angel.
20 AngelicaMessenger Of God
21 Angelika'Like an angel.
22 AngelineAn Italian diminutive of the Greek Angela meaning angel or messenger.
23 Angelynheavenly messenger
24 AnjanetteGod is gracious
25 AnnGrace;
26 AnnieDiminutive of Ann frequently used as an independent name. Famous bearers: Markswoman Annie Oakley, famous in the musical 'Annie Get Your Gun'; cartoonist Harold Gray's 'Little Orphan Annie'; the traditional folk song 'Annie Laurie'.
27 AntonetteThe invaluable
28 Applesweet fruit, cherished one
29 AprilOpening buds of spring; born in April.
30 ArianeVery holy. Variant of the Greek Mythological Ariadne, who aided Theseus to escape from the Cretan labyrinth.
31 ArlynVariant of Arlen: Gaelic word meaning 'pledge; promise; oath'.
32 AshleyLives in the ash tree grove. Derived from a surname and place name based on the Old English word for ash wood. Famous bearer: Ashley, the male character in Margaret Mitchell's popular 'Gone with the Wind'. Both a male and female name.
33 Azhlei
34 BeaBlessed
35 CamilleThe French form of Camilla or Camillus. Although Camille is used as both a girl's and boy's name in France, outside France it is not used as a masculine name. Famous bearer: the famous 1936 Greta Garbo film 'Camille'.
36 Carlameans the same as guy
37 CarmelaGarden. Variant of Carmel.
38 CharleneFeminine form of Charles: From the Old English 'ceorl' meaning man.
39 CharlotteDiminutive of Charlotte: A feminine form of Charles, meaning man or manly. Alternate meaning, tiny and feminine.
40 CharmaineTemptation
41 Cherrycherry
42 ChloeVerdant And Blooming
43 Christineanointed
44 CindyDimunitive of Cynthia, Lucinda, and Cinderella.
45 Clairebright, shiny, glossy
46 Clarissabright, shiny, glossy
47 CristinaFollower
48 CristineAnointed, bearer of Christ
49 CrystalCrystal
50 DahliaFlower
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