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Boy names with positive reactions abroad

#Name Meaning
1 Leonardolion, hard
2 GabrielMan of God. God's able-bodied one. Famous bearer: The archangel Gabriel, who appears several times in the Bible.
3 PhillipFond of horses. One of the biblical 12 apostles.
4 ColeDiminutive of Colin: Of a triumphant people; young boy.
5 ElvisElf-wise friend. Variant of Alvin. Made famous by singer and actor Elvis Presley.
6 Jorgefarmer or husbandman
7 JoseVariant of Josepha. Feminine form of Joseph. May Jehovah give increase.
8 Christiananointed
9 Samuelthe heard by God
10 Marcson of Mars
11 MichaëlThe name Michael is usually for males and can be changed to Michèle, Michelle, Michaela, Mechelle, Micheline, and Michaelle for females or even Mychal for either male or female. Michael is a Hebrew name meaning "Who is like God?". In English it can be shortened as Mike, Mikey, Mickey or Mick.
12 Erikruler of the Law
13 KurtDiminutive of the German variant of Conrad: Bold counsel. Honest advisor.
14 Hamzastrong
15 GeoffreyPeace of God
16 Georgeeditor of the Earth
17 MikeHebrew for "Who is like God"
18 Klajdi
19 JuanYahweh is gracious
20 MartinServant Of Mars, God Of War
21 Ricardostrong, brave
22 JorickFriend ever, Country Worker
23 Allanrock
24 OmarLife
25 RossPromontory. From the peninsula. A Scottish place name and surname.
26 RoyKing; regal.
27 VictorVictor
28 AngelAngel
29 NoahRust / comfort
30 WadeFord (as in river crossing); 'Advancer'; Medieval given name from Scandinavian mythology.
31 AdrianFrom the Latin Hadrianus meaning of Adria or of the Adriatic sea region. Pope Adrian IV was a 12 century British Pope who became popular in the 1980s when Sue Townsend published 'The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole'.
32 DeanFrom a surname derived from the Old English 'denu', meaning valley. Famous bearers: American actor and singer Dean Martin, American statesman Dean Acheson.
33 WesleyFrom the west meadow. John and Charles Wesley were the founders of Methodism.
34 Park Jimin
35 Leelion, hard
36 Marcoson of Mars
37 Henryruler King
38 Benjaminson of happiness
39 Antoninvaluable
40 OscarDivine spear; God's spear. Famous Bearer: poet Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), who was put on trial and imprisoned for homosexuality.
41 Edwardwealth, guardian of the property
42 Rikenfriend
43 MitchellWho is like God
44 JustinRighteous
45 EmmanuelGod with us. Also an Old Testament name for the Messiah.
46 Ericruler of the Law
47 DavidDavid is a both used as a male given name and a surname, and is mostly a given name in English and French Hebrew origin. The name was derived from the Hebrew name "Dawid", which means "Darling" or "Beloved". David is often shortened to "Dave/Davey/Davie/Davy". David was the second and greatest of the kings of Israel in the 10th century BC.
48 AibelThe name Aibel mostly came up for men in England and Wales. This is a rare given name. This name of Aibel has made you serious-minded, responsible, and stable.
49 PatrickPatrick is a given name for boys. It comes from a Latin name "Patricius" meaning "nobleman". It is popular because of Saint Patrick in Irish history, so there are more people who use the name in Ireland. There are variations of this name like Padraic, Pádraig, Pat, Rick, Ricky and Patricia.
50 Williamwith the will as strong as a helmet

Girl names with positive reactions abroad

#Name Meaning
1 ArnikaHe who rules like an eagle, eagle Mighty
2 Iarlhen
3 KimberleyForest meadow Cyneburg
4 MonicaVariant of Mona.
5 AminaTruthful. (Swahili).
6 IsabelGod has sworn
7 Marianashapely clean
8 CrystalCrystal
9 Anastasiarisen by baptism to new life
10 Jetskehomeland, power, ruler
11 DeaGod-given
12 SandyProtector
13 Navyanshi
14 Marinashapely clean
15 ElenaShining light, or bright one. A variant of the Greek Helen.
16 Naledia star
17 SkylarA spelling variation of the surname Schuyler.
18 Shakeh
19 KarinPure
20 KatrinaPure
21 NatashaChrist
22 AlexiaVariant of Alexander. Helper, defender of man.
23 Nosiphomother a gift
24 JellicaValue, retaliation
25 RichaPowerful, brave ruler
26 AntoniaFeminine form of Anthony: Highly praiseworthy. From a Roman clan name. In the 17th century, the spelling Anthony was associated with the Greek anthos meaning flower.
27 DestinyCertain fortune; fate. The mythological Greek god of fate.
28 NancyGrace of God
29 ElaineShining light. An Old French form of Helen.
30 ZoeLife
31 MadelineDiminutive of Madeleine: Woman of Magdala. Tower.
32 TiaOf Spanish origin, meaning "aunt."
33 PaulineA French name that originates from the Latin word paulus, meaning "humble."
34 Kaykeyholder
35 SabrinaLegendary princess.
36 AliciaOf noble birth
37 JoanneYahweh is gracious
38 Teresawoman working at harvest
39 Aarcha
40 Olgaholy
41 HelenLight, one who is bright.
42 AnitaGracious, sweet and bitter, sad
43 JudyOf Judea
44 JudithJewess. Praised.
45 Annecharming, gracious
46 MayaMother
47 DeborahBee. Deborah was the Biblical prophetess who summoned Barak to battle against an army of invaders. After the battle she wrote a victory song which is part of the Book of Judges.
48 ShawnaGod is with us
49 ValerieStrong; valiant. Feminine of the Roman family clan name Valerius.
50 KathrynClean and pure

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