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Baby boy names with 6 letters

#Name Meaning
1 ThomasThomas is a male given name. It was formed from a Greek word of the Aramaic name "Ta'oma'" meaning "twin". After Saint Thomas Becket, it became popular in England. This name also has some female versions such as Thomasina, Tamsyn, Tamsin, Tasmina, Tasmino, Thomaida/Thomais, or Tammy.
2 RobertRobert is a masculine given name and surname. It is a Germanic name, from Old High German Hrodebert which means "bright with glory". Hruod means "fame, glory". Berht means "bright".
3 DanielGod is my judge
4 JosephMay the Lord add
5 Dennisfertility
6 WynandBrave in battle
7 RonaldGuides, ruler
8 CarlosFree
9 JustinRighteous
10 Georgeeditor of the Earth
11 StevenVariant of Stephen 'Crown; wreath.'.
12 JoshuaYahweh is salvation
13 MartinServant Of Mars, God Of War
14 AndrewManly; brave. In the Bible the first of the twelve apostles chosen was Andrew. The name comes from the Greek word andros, which means "strong, manly and courageous." Andrew is patron saint of Scotland and Russia. See also Jedrick and Kendrick.
15 Samuelthe heard by God
16 TaylorA
17 OliverEleven
18 TravisCrossing; crossroads; toll gate. In use as both a surname and a first name. Famous Bearers: American country music stars Randy Travis and Travis Tritt.
19 Rodneyfame
20 ArthurFrom the Roman clan name Artorius, meaning noble, courageous. Famous bearer: Legendary sixth century King Arthur of Britain and his Round Table of knights. This legend dates to the early 9th century.
21 Nivardguardian, guardian, protector
22 Jordanearth, land
23 DonaldGreat cheif, world mighty. From the Gaelic Domhnall. The name Donald has been borne by a number of early Scottish kings. Famous Bearers: Billionaire Donald Trump; actor Donald Sutherland.
24 Geraldruler with the iron spear
25 PhilipHorses friend
26 NathanGift from God
27 GrahamThis Scottish surname is a variant of the Lincolnshire place name Grantham, meaning Grant's homestead, and is also a common given name. Famous bearer: British writer Graham Greene.
28 HowardSheep
29 JohnnyYahweh is gracious
30 AdrianFrom the Latin Hadrianus meaning of Adria or of the Adriatic sea region. Pope Adrian IV was a 12 century British Pope who became popular in the 1980s when Sue Townsend published 'The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole'.
31 Edwardwealth, guardian of the property
32 VictorVictor
33 Darrenlarge
34 Xaviernew home
35 Walterruler of the army
36 ManuelGod is with us
37 KieranLittle
38 WesleyFrom the west meadow. John and Charles Wesley were the founders of Methodism.
39 Jeremywith a holy name
40 Haroldruler King
41 DustinA fighter. Famous bearer: American actor Dustin Hoffman.
42 NelsonSon of the Champion. Famous Bearer: South African President Nelson Mandela (born 1918).
43 MarcelDedicated to Mars, Roman god of war, warrior
44 CurtisFrom a surname derived from the Old French 'curteis' meaning courteous..
45 DarrylDarling, from the Old english 'deorling'. Also a variant of Darrell.
46 ErnestSerious, determined. Earnestness or vigor, from the Old German Ernust.
47 MarvinVariant of Mervyn: Form of Merlin: From the sea fortress.
48 CedricCedric was a character in Sir Walter Scott's 1819 novel Ivanhoe. Possibly derived from a misspelling of Cerdic, a 6th-century king of Wessex, or from the Welsh Cedrych, meaning bounty-pattern.
49 TrevorSea
50 SergioServant
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Baby girl names with 6 letters

#Name Meaning
1 ChaimaChaima is a name used for both boys and girls, but mostly for girls. It is originally a French name, and is very rare. Only about 0.001% of the population in the world is named Chaima. It means "With a beauty spot".
2 AshleyLives in the ash tree grove. Derived from a surname and place name based on the Old English word for ash wood. Famous bearer: Ashley, the male character in Margaret Mitchell's popular 'Gone with the Wind'. Both a male and female name.
3 RachelEwe. Rachel was the second and favoured wife of Jacob in the Old Testament.
4 Oliviaolive tree
5 Andreamanlike, manly, brave
6 HannahGrace of God
7 AmandaFrom the Latin word amanda, meaning "lovable." Literary; poets and playwrights brought this name into popular usage in the seventeenth century.
8 NicoleConqueror of the people
9 AngelaFeminine form of Angelo: Messenger of God; angel.
10 SharonFrom the Plain of Sharon (in the Holy Land); from the land of Sharon.
11 PamelaName invented in the 16th century for a heroine of the book 'Arcadia', by Sir Philip Sidney.
12 SandraUnheeded prophetess. A diminutive of Casirnir, Cassandra, or Catherine. In Homer's 'The Iliad' Cassandra's prediction of the fall of Troy was unheeded. Also used as an independent name. Also a feminine of Alexander (defender of man).
13 SophieName (s) of
14 Denisefertility
15 JudithJewess. Praised.
16 LaurenFeminine form of Lorin: Variant of Laurence: From the place of laurel trees.
17 AliciaOf noble birth
18 EvelynFrom a surname derived from the Old French 'aveline' meaning hazelnut. Famous bearer: Evelyn Waugh.
19 TaylorA
20 AlisonOf noble birth
21 SheilaIrish variant of Celia, from Celius, a Roman clan name. Also a form of Cecilia: blind.
22 Teresawoman working at harvest
23 SophiaName (s) of
24 Morganclear
25 Aarcha
26 AlyssaNoble
27 HaileyField of hay. Usually a surname.
28 ShelbyFrom the manor house 'Willow farm.' English surname used more for girls than boys given names.
29 CherylVariant of the French Cherie: dear one; darling. Rhyming variant of names like Meryl and Beryl.
30 SierraDark. Feminine of Ciaran.
31 BiancaWhite; shining. A variant of the French Blanche.
32 Karabo
33 MonicaVariant of Mona.
34 SherryThe
35 TamaraPalm tree. Used as a symbolic oriental name due to the beauty and fruitfulness of the tree.
36 ArzinaEagle
37 Nilufa
38 SabiraPatient
39 CarmenGarden. The Spanish form of the Hebrew Carmel. Famous bearer: Bizet's opera 'Carmen', first performed in 1875.
40 Prachimorning
41 AmeliaVariant of Amelia: From the Old German Amalburga, meaning labour and the Latin Aemilia.
42 Mariamshapely clean
43 Louiseglorious war hero
44 EltinaNoble
45 BrandyThe beverage brandy used as a given name.
46 MelodyMelody (song).
47 TraceyFrom Tracy, France
48 RhondaContemporary name attributed to the Welsh origin, meaning "good spear."
49 SkylarA spelling variation of the surname Schuyler.
50 KarinaClean / pure
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