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Boy names beginning with T

#Name Meaning
1 ThomasThomas is a male given name. It was formed from a Greek word of the Aramaic name "Ta'oma'" meaning "twin". After Saint Thomas Becket, it became popular in England. This name also has some female versions such as Thomasina, Tamsyn, Tamsin, Tasmina, Tasmino, Thomaida/Thomais, or Tammy.
2 TimothyOne who honors God. The biblical Timothy was the young Christian to whom Paul wrote. 'Let no man look down on your youth.'.
3 TylerA
4 TerryAbbreviation of Terrance and Terrell. Terry is also an Anglicized phonetic form of the French given name Thierry from an older Germanic name meaning 'powerful; ruler of the people.'.
5 TaylorA
6 TravisCrossing; crossroads; toll gate. In use as both a surname and a first name. Famous Bearers: American country music stars Randy Travis and Travis Tritt.
7 TomDerives from Thomas 'Twin.'.
8 TrevorSea
9 Tonyinvaluable
10 TomasTwin.
11 Torbenbear
12 TristanTumult; outcry. From the Celtic name Tristan. In Arthurian legend Tristan was a Knight of the Round Table and tragic hero of the medieval tale Tristram and Isolde.
13 TimShort version of Timotheus or a variation of Dimme.
14 TannerWorker in leather.
15 TobyGod is my good
16 ToddFox. Tod is a Scottish nickname meaning a clever or wily person.
17 TroyTroy derives from the ancient Greek city of Troy; also from an Irish surname meaning 'soldier.'.
18 TyroneFrom Owen's territory. County Tyrone in Ireland. The late actor Tyrone Power.
19 Tidoprotector of the people
20 Timuriron
21 TeodorGift
22 TateDerived from the Old English name Tata
23 Tiemepeople
24 TrentRefers to the English river Trent. Surname.
25 Taekeprotector of the people
26 Toannda
27 Tigran
28 TheodoreGift
29 Tracywoman working at harvest
30 TommyDerives from Thomas 'Twin.'.
31 Toots
32 Tavneet
33 TahirPure
34 TaissirMakes everything very easily in life
35 Teakeprotector of the people
36 TuanChivalrous Lord, Gentlemanly
37 Theoron
38 Tanor
39 Tavid
40 Tazio Oka
41 Thanusha
42 TemitopeThanks to God
43 TamerPalm tree, date palm, palm tree Sanskrit, herbs
44 TristinTumult
45 Terehard, strong
46 Talci
47 Thanushan
48 Thije
49 TsephanyahYahweh has protected
50 TheodorusGift from God.
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Girl names beginning with T

#Name Meaning
1 TaylorA
2 Teresawoman working at harvest
3 ToniDiminutive of Antoinette: Beyond praise. French feminine form of Anthony.
4 TaraWhere the kings met. Also Tara's Halls, where ancient Bards sang deeds of Irish heroes. The ruins of the Halls are on the hill of Tara, meaning crag or tower.
5 TiffanyAppearance Of God
6 TamaraPalm tree. Used as a symbolic oriental name due to the beauty and fruitfulness of the tree.
7 TatianaUnknown
8 TraceyFrom Tracy, France
9 Tracywoman working at harvest
10 TinaGod has sworn
11 TiaOf Spanish origin, meaning "aunt."
12 TonyaThe invaluable
13 TerriAbbreviation of Teresa, meaning harvester.
14 TabithaBeauty, grace. From the Aramaic word for Gazelle. Biblical - Tabitha of the New Testament (Acts 9:36) was noted for good works.
15 Tessawoman working at harvest
16 ToriDerived from Victoria: triumphant.
17 TammyA diminutive of any feminine name beginning with 'Tam-'.
18 Tennillepowerful and strong minded
19 Theresawoman working at harvest
20 ThominaThe twins (brother)
21 TaniaN / A
22 TanyaFairy Queen
23 TerryAbbreviation of Terrance and Terrell. Terry is also an Anglicized phonetic form of the French given name Thierry from an older Germanic name meaning 'powerful; ruler of the people.'.
24 Thảo Vy
25 TeuntjeThe invaluable
26 ThoraThunder
27 Theodoragodsend
28 TaliyahDefender
29 TashaChrist
30 TrishaA
31 ToniaThe invaluable
32 Tyronza
33 TrinaPure
34 Theagodsend
35 TarynCreated Name
36 Tùng Lâm
37 TriciaA
38 Tommy Sandy
39 Tinkara
40 Tezzy"Beauty"
41 TrinhPure
42 TesselShortened form of Tesselschade with significant damage to Texel
43 Tarielle
44 TeodoraGift
45 Tashina
46 Tovegood
47 TerezaHarvester
48 Talana
49 Tayna
50 Tywanna
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