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easy pronounce boy names

#Name Meaning
1 Durgeshshiva
2 Peterrock
3 JonathanGift from God
4 CameronDerives from a Scottish surname; from the Gaelic meaning crooked or bent nose. A common first name in Scotland, and in 2Oth century Canadian and Australian families of Scottish descent.
5 Shubhamauspicious or lucky
6 Jordanearth, land
7 FrankA diminutive of the Latin Francis, meaning Frenchman or free one. Famous bearer: American singer Frank Sinatra.
8 Alanrock
9 TimothyOne who honors God. The biblical Timothy was the young Christian to whom Paul wrote. 'Let no man look down on your youth.'.
10 Lukefrom Lucania, light
11 Christiananointed
12 Erikruler of the Law
13 Park Jimin
14 Evanthe archer
15 Carlmeans the same as guy
16 Henryruler King
17 AliNoble, Sublime
18 Jakehe heel grip
19 OliverEleven
20 RyanKingly. Famous Bearer: American actor Ryan O'Neal.
21 RobertRobert is a masculine given name and surname. It is a Germanic name, from Old High German Hrodebert which means "bright with glory". Hruod means "fame, glory". Berht means "bright".
22 JamesJames is an English language name for boys. It came from the Old French variation of the late Latin name 'Iacomus'. In Hebrew it is Yaʻaqov (Jacob) meaning supplanter. James is a common name in many countries like the United States, Northern Ireland, Australia, Wales, England, etc.
23 JohnJohn is a given name used for boys in the English language but it originated from a latin form of The Greek name "Ioannes and Iohannes". At first, it was known as Hellenized Jews then transfered to Hebrew name Yohanan meaning "Graced by God" or Yehohanan meaning "God is Gracious".
24 DavidDavid is a both used as a male given name and a surname, and is mostly a given name in English and French Hebrew origin. The name was derived from the Hebrew name "Dawid", which means "Darling" or "Beloved". David is often shortened to "Dave/Davey/Davie/Davy". David was the second and greatest of the kings of Israel in the 10th century BC.
25 KevinKevin is a male name of Gealic/Irish origin. On of the earliest people who carried the name was Saint Kevin, although it is not a biblical name.Kevin in Irish is: Caoimhghín. Caoimhghín comes from the Irish caomh which means: "kind, honest, handsome".
26 AngelAngel
27 DanielGod is my judge
28 Williamwith the will as strong as a helmet
29 Brianhigh
30 AndrewManly; brave. In the Bible the first of the twelve apostles chosen was Andrew. The name comes from the Greek word andros, which means "strong, manly and courageous." Andrew is patron saint of Scotland and Russia. See also Jedrick and Kendrick.
31 Paulsmall or modest
32 JosephMay the Lord add
33 AlexanderGuardian
34 JanGod is merciful
35 JoshuaYahweh is salvation
36 JustinRighteous
37 MatthewGift of the Lord
38 ThomasThomas is a male given name. It was formed from a Greek word of the Aramaic name "Ta'oma'" meaning "twin". After Saint Thomas Becket, it became popular in England. This name also has some female versions such as Thomasina, Tamsyn, Tamsin, Tasmina, Tasmino, Thomaida/Thomais, or Tammy.
39 AnthonyAnthony(or Antony) is a given name for men. It originates from a Roman family name 'Antonius'. Its full name is Marcus Antonius means Mark Antony in English. The name appears in many countries in different forms like Antoine in French, Antonio in Spanish and Italian, António or Antônio in Portuguese, Anton in Russian, etc. Anthony means "flower", which came from a Greek word "anthos".
40 ChristopherChristopher is an English given name for men. It changed from a Greek name "Christophoros", which means "bearing Christ" or "Christ-bearer". It is a combination of 2 Greek words: Christos (Christ) and phero (to bear, to carry).
41 Jackhe heel grip
42 MichaelThe name Michael is usually used for males and can be changed to Michèle, Michelle, Michaela, Mechelle, Micheline, and Michaelle for female or even Mychal for either male or female. Michael is a Hebrew name meaning "Who is like God?". In English, it is shortened as Mike, Mikey, Mickey or Mick.
43 Harryruler King
44 AlexAbbreviation of the Greek name Alexander, meaning defender of mankind. The name is common among English, German and Dutch speakers.
45 Jan-HendrikGod is merciful
46 Nivardguardian, guardian, protector
47 AaronLofty; exalted; high mountain. Biblically, Aaron was Moses' older brother (and keeper by God's command). He was first high priest of the Israelites, remembered for the miraculous blossoming of his staff or rod.
48 AibelThe name Aibel mostly came up for men in England and Wales. This is a rare given name. This name of Aibel has made you serious-minded, responsible, and stable.
49 Jacobhe heel grip
50 StephenStephen is a male name. It comes from the Greek name "Stephanos or Stéfanos" meaning "wreath, crown, honour, reward"

Easy to pronounce girl names

#Name Meaning
1 LilyLily
2 AliceOf the nobility. From the German Adalheidis meaning nobility, and the French Adeliz which is a form of Adelaide. Used in Britian since the 12th century; Alice became very popular in 1865 when Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland was published.
3 Prachimorning
4 DestinyCertain fortune; fate. The mythological Greek god of fate.
5 AllisonNoble
6 ErinAn ancient and poetic name for Ireland. Famous bearer: Erin from the American television series 'The Waltons'.
7 VictoriaVictor
8 Karenthe ever pure, pure
9 Barbara"Savage" or "wild"
10 HollyFrom the plant name. Holy.
11 AngelAngel
12 KristinaFollower
13 Melanieblack, dark in color
14 SophieName (s) of
15 PaigeAttendant.
16 Veronicabringer of victory
17 CourtneyFrom the court, or short nose. From the surname of the aristocratic Courtenay family, based on the Old French word meaning short nose.
18 EllenA variant of the Greek Helen, meaning shining light, or most beautiful woman. Famous bearer: British actress Dame Ellen Terry.
19 LucyVariant of Lucia: Graceful light. Illumination.
20 EllaGod has sworn
21 SophiaName (s) of
22 CharlotteDiminutive of Charlotte: A feminine form of Charles, meaning man or manly. Alternate meaning, tiny and feminine.
23 MadisonDerived from a surname meaning "son of Maud." Contemporary usage has made the name common for both genders.
24 Catherine
25 Jasminejasmine blossom
26 SofiaWisdom
27 IsabellaGod has sworn
28 DeaGod-given
29 GraceFrom the word 'grace', derived from the Latin 'gratia', meaning God's favor. Famous bearer: American actress Grace Kelly became Princess Grace of Monaco.
30 Shakeh
31 Oliviaolive tree
32 HannahGrace of God
33 Rebeccawife of Isaac and mother of Jacob
34 IsabelGod has sworn
35 JessicaRich. God beholds. The daughter of Shylock in Shakespeare's play 'The Merchant of Venice'.
36 Mariashapely clean
37 AshleyLives in the ash tree grove. Derived from a surname and place name based on the Old English word for ash wood. Famous bearer: Ashley, the male character in Margaret Mitchell's popular 'Gone with the Wind'. Both a male and female name.
38 ElizabethGod has sworn
39 Kendrason
40 AlinaDiminutive of Adeline, from the Old German 'athal' meaning noble.
41 KimberlyForest meadow Cyneburg
42 RachelEwe. Rachel was the second and favoured wife of Jacob in the Old Testament.
43 AmandaFrom the Latin word amanda, meaning "lovable." Literary; poets and playwrights brought this name into popular usage in the seventeenth century.
44 Brandina(Flaming) sword
45 Maryshapely clean
46 Jenniferfruitful
47 MichelleHebrew for "Who is like God"
48 AnnabelGracious, sweet and bitter, sad
49 JisFrisian name. From IESE.
50 AngelaFeminine form of Angelo: Messenger of God; angel.

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