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Baby girl names with 3 letters

#Name Meaning
1 AmyDearly loved; Beloved. From the Old French Amee, which derives from the Latin amatus meaning loved. In common use after publication of American Louisa May Alcott's 'Little Women'.
2 EvaLife. Living one. Variant of Eve. In the bible Eve was Adam's wife and the first woman.
3 AnnGrace;
4 MiaMy. Also a variant of Maria: Wished for child; rebellion.
5 ZoeLife
6 AnaGrace; favor. Variant of Anna. Often used in blended names like Analee and Anarosa.
7 TiaOf Spanish origin, meaning "aunt."
8 DeaGod-given
9 JisFrisian name. From IESE.
10 KimYahweh focuses on
11 Avaa variation on the medieval names Avis and Aveline
12 AyaSign
13 Kaykeyholder
14 Lealion
15 EveLife, living, lively. Famous bearer: the Old Testament mother of the human race who tasted the forbidden fruit, precipitating the Fall of Man.
16 Adaadornment, beauty
17 LisDedicated to god
18 SamDiminutive of Samson: Sun child; bright sun.
19 MaeMay. In Roman mythology Maia: (source of the month May) was goddess of spring growth.
20 IdaOf noble birth
21 AniVery Beautiful
22 AneElegance.
23 PiaPious.
24 IvyFaithfulness. This name is derived from the plant name.
25 LivCover, Shield Or Life
26 Suewater lily
28 PamDiminutive of Pamela: Name invented in the 16th century for a heroine of the book 'Arcadia', by Sir Philip Sidney.
29 NeaFound in Sweden.
30 AjaTo Drive, Propel
31 Nhilittle one
32 AceUnity; a nickname given to one who excels; also an English surname meaning noble.
33 Riashapely clean
34 PatPatrician; noble. Abbreviation of Patrick.
35 MoaMother
36 ElaNobility, noble
37 IvaA climbing evergreen ornamental plant.
38 YenQuiet
39 Benson of happiness
40 Irmgorgeous, shiny, radiant
41 Alx
42 JipGiving, hospitable
43 AzaComfort, convenience
44 GiaGod is gracious. Variant of Jane.
45 Chiyouthful, young at heart
46 Leilion
47 JoyJoy. Rejoicing.
48 EdaWealthy guardian
49 Inaclean or pure
50 AmaChild born on a Saturday.
51 MegPearl
52 TedDiminutive of Edward: Wealthy guardian. From the Old English name Eadweard, meaning rich or happy, and guardian. Also a diminutive of Edgar: Fortunate and powerful. Also an abbreviation of Theodore.
53 Leelion, hard
55 UnaA
56 ElsGod has sworn
58 Koo
59 Oof
60 VicVictor
61 Asi
62 NiaDerived from abbreviation of names with '-nia' ending.
63 MayThe
64 Enaclean or pure
66 Eni
67 FayFaith, trust
68 AliNoble, Sublime
69 Kalstrong
71 AmeEagle
72 BevFrom The Beaver Stream
74 EmiBlessing, Favour, Beautiful
75 MaxThe largest
76 AudDiminutive of Audrey: Originally a diminutive of Etheidreda from the 16th century. Famous bearer: Famous 20th century actress Audrey Hepburn.
78 Urilighting
79 Joa
80 UlaAbbreviation of Eulalie.
81 RioRiver. Abbreviation of names ending with '-rio.'.
82 OdaElfin spear.
83 IraObservant, heir
84 Myashapely, clean
85 LanOrchid.
86 NoaMovement
87 RaeDiminutive of Rachel: Ewe. Rachel was the second and favoured wife of Jacob in the Old Testament.
88 EwaLife.
89 WiaVleivorm of Germanic names Which Frisian-`struggle 'or" WIA dedicate' see-wedge.
90 Bobbeautifully by fame
91 JanGod is merciful
92 OyaWind Warrior Goddess
93 LotHidden, Veiled
94 UgeNoble (nobility)
95 Wyabattle

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